Interview with Grand Master Vincent Koh

GM Vincent Koh

Interview with a Master goes one on one with internationally renowned author, teacher and Feng Shui Grand Master – Vincent Koh. Whilst enjoying a successful career in the building industry Grand Master Koh developed an interest in Feng Shui and spent the next 30 years studying and researching this ancient Chinese practice. Today the success […]

Feng Shui Tour of Singapore with Grand Master Vincent Koh

Singapore Landform tour

  Living between Melbourne and Singapore really allows Janene Laird to enjoy all that these two great cities have to offer.  In this article she shares with us her recent Feng Shui tour of some of Singapore's attractions and landmarks.   Recently I had the pleasure of participating in a Feng Shui tour of Singapore […]

About Peach Blossom – Mina Zheng

About Peach Blossom

Feng Shui and BaZi expert MINA ZHENG describes the influence of the Peach Blossom Star in a BaZi chart.   咸池(xian chi)—Salt Pool/pond is also called Peach Blossom 桃花(tao hua). It is the name of one of the deities in Ba Zi (Chinese Astrology, also called the four pillars of destiny.) This deity (or star) mainly […]