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Vicki Sauvage

Vicki Sauvage

Vicki Sauvage graduated from the University of Tasmania with a Bachelor of Fine Arts. She finishing a 5 year collaboration with Richard Skinner (in 2001). Since then she has directed her creative skills to helping people design or redesign their homes and business places. She graduated in 1997 as a Level 2 Feng Shui Practitioner from the National Academy of Feng Shui Australia, (NAFSA). Since then she has built a successful Australia wide practice. She also works overseas including France and Malta. Vicki has been constantly in pursuit of upgrades to her Feng Shui training, undertaking advanced courses most years since graduating. She has studied with many internationally renown masters including Grand Master Raymond Lo, Master Joseph Yu, Master Peter Leung, Master Henry Liu, Grand Master Yap Cheng Hai and Mr Jerry King. She has traveled to China several times. The most recent visit was September 2009.

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