Ask Melynda – Fourth Edition

In our regular feature ‘Ask Melynda’ we’ll take your most puzzling questions or persistant problems and ask our resident Feng Shui ‘expert’ Melynda Munro to advise and guide you.  So if you have any relevant Feng Shui or IV Pillars of Destiny questions email them to us at [email protected] and well publish her response in our next edition.

I am wondering if you can advise me on a problem that I have experienced from time to time in dealing with clients who have an unreasonable or unrealistic understanding of Feng Shui.   Most recently I was harassed on the phone by a perspective client who bombarded me with a series of unrelenting (and often skeptical) Feng Shui related questions.   This made me very uncomfortable and unsure as to whether I should accept the consultation.

When a client calls to enquire about a consultation and asks almost too many questions, it’s best to offset and respond to this by asking them what do they understand ie. What is their understanding or expectation of Feng Shui?   From their answers you then have a foundation from which to respond and also a better idea of whether or not their intention and purpose is genuine. Unless you are comfortable and feel that you can competently fulfill their requirements, you are under no obligation to proceed with the consultation as their needs may well be better met by another practitioner. In other words pay attention to your intuition and be honest, firm and polite if you feel that you are not the right person for the job.

About The Author

Melynda Munro

The journey to Feng Shui started from an early age when Melynda often accompanied her father on building sites where she developed a practical sense of the placement of building, rooms and services. With a professional background in natural medicine, Melynda felt a strong inclination to understand how our living and work environments impact on people’s health and this intention lead her to meet 4th generation Feng Shui Master Henry Liu from Fujian China in 1993. As his personal understudy for the next seventeen years Melynda embraced the traditional studies, embarking on many intensive study tours in China with later trips involving further tuterage with Master Henry Liu’s senior Master Liu, concurrently assisting with the teaching of students. Other studies have been undertaken with Grand Master Yap Cheng Hai, Grand Master Raymond Lo, Professor Cheng Jian Jun, Prof Wang Yude, Kim Lai and Siou-Foon Lee. Melynda currently consults and lectures in Feng Shui in Australia, as well as seeing patients in the clinic she owns and runs with her husband Gregory in country Victoria. Melynda is also a Professional Member and part of the Management Committee of the International Feng Shui Association (IFSA) – Australia Chapter.

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    I have problem with my former lawyer (divorce). He was poorely represented me, and now he is overcharging me.

    I want to reduce his bill for misrepresentation. Is there any feng shui remedy on resolving this conflict, and smoothing the finance part?



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