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In our regular feature ‘Ask Melynda’ we’ll take your most puzzling questions or persistent problems and ask our resident Feng Shui ‘expert’ Melynda Munro to advise and guide you.  So if you have any relevant Feng Shui or IV Pillars of Destiny questions email them to us at [email protected] and well publish her response in our next edition.

I am wondering if you can advise me on a problem that I have for 2012. My bedroom is situated in the South East and my bed also faces South. As my bedroom is not large in size it is difficult to even consider moving my bed at all. Please could you advise me on this, as I am aware of the Grand Duke Jupiter in the South East sector and also another inauspicious flying star in the South?

Yes the South East and South directions are tricky this year thanks to the annual flying star 5 yellow sickness in the South East and then San Sha or Three Killings (three bad luck) in the South.  The Grand Duke is of course the direction the yearly energy is coming from and it is not good to face this direction as this will ‘offend’ the Grand Duke. However it is ok to be in the room that the Grand Duke occupies.

My first suggestion would be to sleep in another room for the year, especially if you are born in the Year of the Dragon or the Dog. If this is not possible then place a salt water remedy in the South East corner of your bedroom. Instructions for making this can be found in the Feng Shui Tips section of this month’s e-magazine. In fact it is advisable to have a salt water remedy in the South East sector of your home this year, whether you are sleeping there or not.

You should also place one Chi Lin or one Pi You facing towards the South East, as this will appease the Grand Duke somewhat. If possible turn you bed around, even if this means the bed head is in the middle of the room, as this is better than having your bed facing towards the South.

When I have been faced with this situation in the past I have moved bedrooms. One year in particular I even slept in a small lounge room and simply put up a screen to provide some privacy and enclose my personal space. This worked well for me and I would not hesitate to recommend it as a short term measure for the year.

How would I know if I am a weak or strong birth year? In the Chinese calendar I am born under the sign of the Earth Dragon. My birthday is June 20, 1988.

For some of us this question may appear somewhat basic, but it is well worth answering for all those readers who actually know very little about BaZi or the IV Pillars of Destiny.

Yes you are born in the Year of the Earth Dragon, but more importantly you are born on a Yang Fire day and in a season of Fire. In the IV Pillars of Destiny we also use your time of birth (if known) in order to see a full picture of how the elements relate in your Natal Chart.   Without a time of birth the strengths and weaknesses of your Chart can still be determined by looking at your life history and comparing this to the prevailing elements in your Luck Cycles. However you should really seek a personal consultation with a qualified and experienced BaZi Practitioner in order to receive a thorough assessment.
I can tell you though that as a Yang Fire person it is better to be born during the daytime as this energy represents the sun and is bright, warm and vibrant. In addition you are here to inspire others, so keep a light burning as others will look to you in some way even if it is just as a valued friend. Also take care to get plenty of sleep as Fire people can burn themselves out if they are not careful. People with this self element are also usually generous, charitable, open minded, straight forward and rarely have any hidden agenda.  As such they can be quite popular and make friends easily.
As the sun rises and sets every day, this implies that Yang Fire people generally like routine and consistency. Sometimes they can also be hot tempered and explosive, but because they cannot hide their feelings their anger does not accumulate.  If they feel something is wrong they tend to speak out, resolve the issue and quickly return to a happy and sunny state of mind.

About The Author

Melynda Munro

The journey to Feng Shui started from an early age when Melynda often accompanied her father on building sites where she developed a practical sense of the placement of building, rooms and services. With a professional background in natural medicine, Melynda felt a strong inclination to understand how our living and work environments impact on people’s health and this intention lead her to meet 4th generation Feng Shui Master Henry Liu from Fujian China in 1993. As his personal understudy for the next seventeen years Melynda embraced the traditional studies, embarking on many intensive study tours in China with later trips involving further tuterage with Master Henry Liu’s senior Master Liu, concurrently assisting with the teaching of students. Other studies have been undertaken with Grand Master Yap Cheng Hai, Grand Master Raymond Lo, Professor Cheng Jian Jun, Prof Wang Yude, Kim Lai and Siou-Foon Lee. Melynda currently consults and lectures in Feng Shui in Australia, as well as seeing patients in the clinic she owns and runs with her husband Gregory in country Victoria. Melynda is also a Professional Member and part of the Management Committee of the International Feng Shui Association (IFSA) – Australia Chapter.

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