Master Lim Eng Cheong

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Master Lim Eng Cheong 林永昌 has demonstrated extraordinary talent in Chinese metaphysics and destiny analysis at a tender age. Embracing the aspiration to promote ancient wisdom, Master Lim founded Chang Consultancy LLP. With more than 10 years of research and practice, he develops practical and effective solutions to benefit all. Being proficient in Feng Shui ( 风水堪舆 ), Xuan Kong Flying Star ( 玄空飞星 ), BaZi ( 四柱八字 ), Zi Wei Dou Shu ( 紫微斗数 ), Qi Men Dun Jia ( 奇门遁甲) , Yi-Jing Divination ( 易经占卜 ), Chinese Name Analysis/Selection ( 姓名学), Master Lim intelligently makes use of natural elements, combined with favourable climate and geographical orientations, in a logical and powerful manner. Many companies and families have benefited from Master Lim’s skills in enhancing prosperity and harmony and he has since earned himself respect and good feedback from his clients. Born in Singapore, Master Lim speaks fluent English and Mandarin, good German and basic Malay. He graduated from the National University of Singapore with a Bachelor in Engineering Honours degree majoring in Mechanical Engineering.

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