Dr Mauro Rahardjo

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Dr. Mauro Rahardjo is a Feng Shui consultant who started his profession as an architect. He designed his first building in 1977 and first started to include Feng Shui in his design projects in1983. By 1992 Dr. Rahardjo was the first lecturer in Indonesia to introduce a course on Feng Shui for Architecture Design to 4th Year Architecture students and conducted Feng Shui Research with Post Graduate students at PARAHYANGAN CATHOLIC UNIVERSITY, BANDUNG.

He resigned as a lecturer in 2004 to focus on his Feng Shui & Architecture practice. Dr. Mauro Rahardjo established ‘Feng Shui School Indonesia’ in 1992 and was the founder of the ‘Indonesian Feng Shui Society’ (2004). To date he has authored 7 books on Feng Shui; of which Feng Shui Terapan (Applied Feng Shui), Meramal Cara China ZiWeiDouShu (Chinese Fortune Telling with ZiWeiDouShu) and Metoda Meramal dengan Metoda BA ZI (Forecasting with BaZi Method) are among the top best selling books in Indonesia. Currently he is writing a book on ‘Designing Architecture with Feng Shui’ which contains compilations of his design projects.

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