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When she first picked up a book on feng shui in 1991 Sally Fischmann was fascinated with the ancient Chinese philosophy. Some 20 years later Ms Fischmann is a feng shui consultant and educator and hosts free talks at various libraries & learning centres statewide. She is also the founder and director of The Ministry of Feng Shui, which is a registered, accredited, Austudy and IFSA approved Feng Shui and IV Pillars training facility. In this editon of Feng Shui Today, she provides us with a general overview of the Chinese Astrological animals for 2012.

The Dragon is an ambitious animal, natural charisma and is not one to be unnoticed at a party. Full of energy, confident, an exhibitionist with a brave and charitable nature.  In Chinese the Water Dragon is “The Dragon in the rain” intelligent with courage, facing challenges and has the resources to overcome any obstacle in their way. Sounds like a great year but how will it affect each element is hard to say without a chart but how the Dragon interacts with each animal is easier to predict.  How it will affect you (House of Spouse), whether the Water element (Stem) and the Earth element of the Dragon (Branch) are favourable or unfavourable? But you must decide that from your own Natal chart. The Dragon is the animal coming in for the year.
Dragon and Dragon; both like the attention, they have vitality and charm and not jealous of each other as they will most probably have their own admirers, however two Dragon are a penalty in Four Pillars, what is the penalty aspect and the element that’s different in each personal chart.
Dragon and Snake; both have wisdom and charm without intimidating each other with the snake ok with the dragon in the limelight. The snake is possessive but again not a threat to the Dragon. In this case the Fire (Snake) nourishes the Earth (Dragon) favourable or unfavourable?
Dragon and Horse; both have enthusiasm, both do not like mundane aspects of life, there will be some cracks showing if one is demanding of the other. The Dragon needs attention and devotion, the Horse needs recognition and independence. Again this is the Fire nourishing the Earth.
Dragon and Goat; the Dragon can suck the Goat into adventures. Which would of course be too fast for the Goat, as it is a dreamy and taking time to make a decision, therefore they are at different paces. The Goat is not guaranteed to be listening most of the time. Earth supports Earth, making the earth element stronger, favourable or unfavourable.
Dragon and Monkey; they are capable of great things together, the Monkey is not daunted by the Dragon’s power and good looks, but combine well. The will admire and praise the Dragon, they both know how to captivate each other and be a good partner.
Dragon and Rooster; the Rooster’s flamboyance attracts the Dragon and the Dragon’s charm attracts the Rooster. The Dragon will not recognise the Rooster’s vulnerable side and that will weaken the relationship, otherwise supportive. The Rooster and the Dragon are a combination which in turn results in more Metal produced, again this dependent on whether the elements are favourable or not.
Dragon and Dog; the watchful Dog can be overwhelmed by the charming Dragon, making him a little anxious as the Dragon is loud and full of energy. The Dog is faithful and trustworthy but need stability the Dragon does not care for such detail. The Dog needs to be a bit more adaptable and the dragon needs show reassurance. In the Four Pillars these 2 also clash and again is it favourable or unfavourable. The 2 of them are also the Net between Heaven and Hell so a feeling of being trapped, look at the element aspect to see where this feeling lies.
Dragon and Pig; the Pig will be swept away by the Dragon. Admiring the Dragon will be why they remain intact, as well as the Pig knows how to make the Dragon feel wanted and in return the Dragon responds with support and encouragement to the Pig. Earth controls the Water here.
Dragon and Rat; they will be great together; the dragon knows how to charm the Rat. They are both confident and not stop in each other’s way, giving each other space and privacy. The Dragon and the Rat are half of a 3 element combination and again the Earth controls the Water elementally.
Dragon and Ox; the dependable, patient and orderly Ox will be challenged by the Dragon’s risk taking but at the same time admired by the Ox. He will keep the Dragon in his place by his will.
Dragon and Tiger; both are adventurous, sociable and free. Passionate in their outlook, love enjoying themselves but the disagreements will happen eventually. Wood by nature controls the Earth.
Dragon and Rabbit; not the best relationship as the rabbit needs security and affection and the dragon is too busy with an adventure or challenge. The rabbit on the other hand does admire the Dragon’s confidence allowing the dragon the limelight. The rabbit’s needs are emotional which the dragon will have to try hard to see. Wood controls the Earth again but the Wood being Yin is not as strong as the Yang Earth.
Overall a very strong year.

When she first picked up a book on feng shui in 1991 Sally Fischmann was fascinated with the ancient Chinese philosophy.Nearly 20 years later Ms Fischmann is a feng shui consultant and educator and hosts free talks at various libraries & learning centres statewide.

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Janene is the principle consultant and founder of ShenChi-FengShui. She consults widely throughout Australasia in the Corporate, Business and Residential sectors and operates a successful Melbourne based Professional Feng Shui Consultancy. Janene is also the President of the International Feng Shui Association (IFSA) – Australia Chapter and an IFSA Accredited Feng Shui Master

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