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Howard Choy

Howard Choy

Howard Choy was born in Shiu Hing Guangdong China in 1949. With his family he emigrated from there during childhood, first to Hong Kong then Sydney, Australia. He now lives in Berlin, Germany with his architect wife Gyda Anders. Through his involvement with Feng Shui, Taijiquan and Qigong, which provide the perfect vehicle to combine his professional practice with his passion, he has succeeded in keeping his birth inheritance intact.

Proud of his Chinese cultural heritage, Howard is fortunate that being bi-lingual has given him the opportunity to study the deeper aspects of classical feng shui and to practise and teach it at an advanced level. He is strongly committed to do his part to ensure that this living tradition from his birthplace continues to survive and prosper throughout the world. He has mastered Xing-Shi Pai (Form) and Li-Qi Pai (Compass) schools of Feng Shui, including all four Bazhai methods, Xuan Kong Feixing, Xuan Kong Da Gua, San Yuan and San He methods.

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