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Master Janene LairdWelcome to a very special 8th edition of Feng Shui Today – an online magazine for the modern professional and avid enthusiast!  If you have missed any previous issues then don’t worry as all our articles can still be found in the Past Editions tab

This special issue of Feng Shui Today is dedicated to Grand Master Yap Cheng Hai who passed away peacefully on the morning of the 5th June 2014, at the very auspicious age of 88. In response to his family’s wishes we will not mourn him, but rather celebrate the amazing life and legacy of a truly wonderful man who spread the true art and application of Feng Shui throughout the world. 

Many of you may have been most fortunate to have Grand Master Yap as your teacher, mentor and friend, whilst others may simply have enjoyed the wisdom and knowledge that he shared each year at the annual International Feng Shui Convention (IFSC) in Singapore. Indeed he was always up for a quick chat or photo and the twinkle in his eyes and warmth of his personality shone clearly for everyone to enjoy. 

Grand Master Yap and his son Master Yap Boh Chu, not only established the Yap Cheng Hai Academy, but Grand Master Yap was also a founding member of the International Feng Shui Association (IFSA) and remained an integral part of the Executive Committee throughout the past 10 years. Not only will he be missed in the daily lives of his family, friends and students, but he will also be missed by all of us in the greater Feng Shui community. 

In honor and remembrance of Grand Master Yap, a tribute will be presented at this year’s International Feng Shui Convention (IFSC) in Melbourne. Master Jancy Tan-Lew, a family friend and student of the Yap Cheng Hai Academy will share with us some of the wonderful qualities of this modest, contemporary master and most importantly allow us to remember and give thanks for the Feng Shui legacy that he has left. If you would like to be a part of this special tribute please secure your Convention ticket via our secure online store at www.intfsa.org.au or email me at [email protected]. The full IFSC program is now available for viewing on our website and 2 day, 1 day or half day tickets can be purchased.

On the weekend of the 15th & 16th of November, we are of course running the 11th annual International Feng Shui Convention (IFSC), which for the first time in its ten year history will be held outside of Singapore in the lovely city of Melbourne.  Hosted by the IFSA Australia Chapter and themed Feng Shui & Destiny – Generating Health & Prosperity, the IFSC 2014 provides an ideal platform for Feng Shui enthusiasts from all walks of life and from many countries around the world to be inspired by new ideas, practical tips, advice and application.

This year the IFSC will feature two lecture rooms running concurrently; allowing speakers to present on a more diverse range of topics which cater to the different interests and levels of understanding of participating delegates. As such this event represents the greatest line-up of senior masters and experts ever seen all together at the one time and is definitely a not to be missed event! For more information on the IFSC and its speakers or to purchase your Early Bird ticket for only AUS $198 you can visit www.intfsa.org.au or email [email protected].

In addition we are very pleased to offer a fabulous choice of both pre and post-convention workshops as part of our extended IFSC program. These are geared towards providing the best opportunities for professional development for practicing consultants and also enhancing the skills of serious or advanced students. For more details or to book your seat please email [email protected], but don’t wait too long as these workshops are filling fast!

IFSC Pre & Post-Convention Workshops:

  • Thursday 13th November –  1 day intensive workshop with Dr. Stephen Skinner on Advanced Flying Star: Integration with other Feng Shui Techniques
  • Monday 17th November –  1 day workshop with Mr. Vijay K. Bansal & Master Aparna Agarwal on Mudra Vigyan: Healing common and chronic illness with the use of Yoga Finger Postures
  • Tuesday 18th & Wednesday 19th November – 2 day practical workshop with Master Yap Boh Chu: Dragons – The Source of Qi
  • Commencing Monday 17th November – Practitioner Training Program with Grand Master Raymond Lo: IV Pillars of Destiny and I Ching Divination (for more information on this course please email [email protected])

Finally back to this issue of Feng Shui Today where we are proud to feature articles from some of our leading practitioners and masters. In fact almost every author in this edition is also a speaker at this year’s IFSC, so if you enjoy their articles then come along, listen to their presentations and maybe you’ll even get to chat with them in person. 

Topics in this edition are certainly diverse and include Designing Architecture with Feng Shui by Dr. Mauro Rahardjo, Mystic Energies by Master S BS. Surendran, From IV Pillars to Hair by Master Goh Guan Leong, The Outlook of Chinese Geomancy by Master Jacek Kryg, Feng Shui of Marina Bay Sands by Master Lim Eng Cheong, Mudra Vigyan by Master Aparna Argawal, How to Build your Feng Shui Career by Jerry King and Melbourne: World’s Most Livable City by Master Jancy Tan-Lew. 

We are also pleased to feature some personal reflections and tributes to Grand Master Yap Cheng Hai from a few of his most senior students, who are now Masters themselves with many years of practice and experience under their belts. These include The Contemporary Grand Master by Master Jacek Kryg, Recollections of Grand Master Yap Cheng Hai by Master Aparna Agarwal and A Life Well Lived by Master Petra Coll Exposito. These are beautifully written pieces which share personal and precious memories and also give us some wonderful insights into this modest, generous and spiritual family man. 

With our regular articles, Feng Shui Tips shares some great advice from US based Feng Shui and Destiny consultant Jen Nicomedes, who takes a look at internal stair cases. Are your stairs conduits of energy between upper and lower floors, or are they restricting energy flow and transforming positive Qi into Sha or negative Qi? 

In Ask Melynda our resident expert answers a couple of questions on House Blessing and Space Clearing and advises us on some ways in which we can approach these safely and when it is best to leave it to the specialists. Please remember that if you have any questions you would like to ask Melynda just email us at [email protected] and she’ll answer them in our next edition. 

In Classical Corner Tyler J. Rowe once again brings us“Wisdom from the mouths of ancient sages to the ears of the modern practitioner” and in this issue he looks at the original practical checklist for dwellings, otherwise known as the Five Deficiencies – Five Prosperities’ or more simply ‘Five Empty – Five Full’. 

Finally in Profile of a Master we are honored to once again feature our interview with Grand Master Yap Cheng Hai. So many people have recently searched for and requested this article that we thought it only fitting to run it once again.

So why not take a well-deserved break and enjoy our very special 8th edition of Feng Shui Today.  As always we have done our best to bring you a magazine that is full of great advice, useful tips and informative articles. Don’t forget that if we do publish your article you will receive a complimentary ¼ page advertisement for your business, event or line of products.

Janene Laird (AFSM)
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Master Janene Laird is the principle consultant and founder of Shen Chi-Feng Shui. She comes from a background in education and combines a Bachelor of Arts and Diploma of Teaching with over 15 years of study, practice and experience in the Feng Shui industry. Janene consults widely throughout Australasia in both the Commercial and Residential sectors and operates a successful Melbourne based Professional Feng Shui Consultancy. She is the President of the International Feng Shui Association (IFSA) - Australia Chapter, Founder and Editor of the industry leading online magazine Feng Shui Today and was awarded the title of IFSA Accredited Feng Shui Master in 2011.

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