Enhancing the Nobleman Sector of your Home

Master Jenny Ng is a third generation Feng Shui Practitioner trained under various Grand Masters and Masters in Singapore and overseas. In this very informative and enlightening article she guides us in the best way to activate Nobleman help in our life.

In my consultations I have always shared with my clients the benefits of lighting candles to enhance their personal Nobleman sectors, as well as other favorable positions that can bring wealth, health, prosperity, recognition and good relationship luck. Disappointed with the tea light candle holders I found in the marketplace, I recently began to embark on a mission to design special Feng Shui tea light candle holders that would better maximize the potential benefits of Nobleman enhancement within the home.

Why Candle Fire?

You may be wondering why I prefer to use candles instead of other methods of enhancement. Fire in the study of the 5 elements (Earth, Metal, Water, Wood, Fire) is the only element that can convert the other elements into various forms. Fire also represents passion, happiness, drive, warmth, influence and charisma. A person without fire in their Ba Zi Charts may struggle to achieve great things in life. But have no fear as even if you do not have Fire in your Chart you can always enhance it using Feng Shui.

I have long heard of tips passed down by one of my Mentors regarding the use of candle fire to capture a certain auspicious Flying Star or energy into a sector of the home or office. Hence this year I embarked on my own mission to ‘capture’ the stars during the Li Chun on the 4th of February. I am very pleased to share with you that it really does work and has brought some excellent and exciting opportunities for me in various aspects of my life and career!

The Mystic Knot Candle Holder

The Mystic Knot is also known as the love knot or the wish-fulfilling knot. It is one of the most powerful symbols in this Period of 8 as it looks like the number 8 repeated many times. Having the infinity symbol repeated so often can amplify your good luck and bring you everlasting good fortune in various aspects of your life, including wealth, health, relationship and career luck. Printed on the candle holder you can display this at the various sectors of your home or office which you wish to enhance in accordance with your personal Ba Zi sectors. This includes:

  • Place it at your Nobleman sectors so that your helpful people will assist you in all aspects of your life when you need them, especially in your career or business
  • Display it at your romance or good human relations sector to bring good luck with your love life, especially if you are seeking new love
  • Enhance your human relations sector to boost your relationship luck with your colleagues and bosses
  • Place it in your health sector to help you to seek the right doctor for your treatment and allow your doctor to diagnose the right treatment for you
  • At the career sectors it brings you the recognition for your work so that you can get the due promotion and increment you deserve
  • For individuals who are entrepreneurs you can display a candle light tea holder at your business sectors so that it brings you endless opportunities to create more wealth and business success
  • You can also place the candle holder at the position where the Water Star 8 is in your home. Follow the Natal Chart, Annual or the Monthly Stars to activate for wealth and prosperity luck
It is strongly recommended that you activate your Nobleman Star on an auspicious date and light the candles daily at the auspicious timing of the day for best effects. Use red candles if you want happy or joyous outcomes.

Yellow Colour – Represents Earth element, royalty, power and authority, stability. Use the yellow candle holder in the Earth or Metal sectors of your home (Centre, Northeast, Southwest, West and Northwest)

Red Colour – Represents Fire element, passion, love, happiness and joyous news. Use the red candle holder in the Fire or Earth sectors of your home (South, Centre, Northeast and Southwest)

Blue Colour – Represents Water element, fame and recognition, wealth and prosperity, clarity and communication. Use the blue candle holder in the Water or Wood sectors of your home (North, East and South East)

Special Tip – Who is Your Real Nobleman?

One of my Mentors once told us this quote in class and it really stuck with me, “The Nobleman only knocks at your door once and most of the time the owner is not at home!” This is often very true, at least for me as it has happened before! Hence we should open our eyes and ears and make every effort to grab any opportunity that comes our way.

My clients have often asked me about Nobleman Luck or Gui Ren in Chinese. I know many people have the misconception that our Nobleman is made up of 3 animals. For example if you are born in the year of the Snake your Nobleman is the Rooster and the Ox, with the Monkey being your secret friend.

Actually this theory originates from the 3 Combinations principle in the study of Ba Zi and quite frankly I am not sure whether it really works or not. However I always tell my clients that if you have any Nobleman Stars in your Ba Zi Chart then you should thank God for that gift. Often we take for granted the presence of helpful people in our lives or never realize that we have such support until we encounter a time of need or crisis.

However for those of you who don’t have a Nobleman in your Ba Zi Chart you can still feel the difference when you enhance the Nobleman sectors in your home using Feng Shui. I once instructed a client in the United States to enhance his Nobleman sector in the manner I have outlined and he quickly found a job after being unemployed for the last year.

There are actually many types of Nobleman Stars in one’s destiny but I am just going to share one very powerful and effective formula with you. To find your Nobleman sector you will first need to know the day you were born, not simply the year. For this information you can use any Ba Zi calculator on the Internet or consult a professional practitioner for advice.

Once you know your Day Stem you can refer to the table below for the Nobleman animal and sectors you should enhance with our Mystic Knot tea light candle holder:

Day of Birth/Day Stem
Nobleman Animals & Sectors
Jia Wood (Yang Wood)
Ox (Northeast), Goat (Southwest)
Yi Wood (Yin Wood)
Rat (North), Monkey (Southwest)
Bing Fire (Yang Fire)
Pig (Northwest), Rooster (West)
Ding Fire (Yin Fire)
Pig (Northwest), Rooster (West)
Wu Earth (Yang Earth)
Ox (Northeast), Goat (Southwest)
Ji Earth (Yin Earth)
Rat (North), Monkey (Southwest)
Geng Metal (Yang Metal)
Ox (Northeast), Goat (Southwest)
Xin Metal (Yin Metal)
Horse (South), Tiger (Northeast)
Ren Water (Yang Water)
Snake (Southeast), Rabbit (East)
Gui Water (Yin Water)
Snake (Southeast), Rabbit (East)

Please try this formula for yourself as so many of my clients have transformed their lives with increased opportunities and helpful people. Don’t forget that when you receive your Nobleman help you should always try to help others in return, as what comes around goes around.

There are also so many other position’s that you can activate if you wish to enhance a certain aspect in your life. Christmas is coming so you can give this special gift to someone you love or whom you think needs help to improve their life.  Visit our website http://www.fengshui-connection.com/shopping.html or email us to find out how you can order these candle holders!

About The Author

Master Jenny Ng

Graduated with a Bachelor of Business from Nanyang Technological University, Jenny Ng is a third generation Feng Shui Practitioner trained under various Grand Master and Masters in Singapore and overseas.Jenny attended Grand Master Vincent Koh’s courses conducted in conjunction with Singapore Polytechnic, an internationally accredited tertiary institution in Singapore. Grand Master Koh is a famous author of Feng Shui books and an architect by training and is highly regarded in the Feng Shui community in Singapore and internationally. He is also well known for using the scientific approach in the field of Chinese Metaphysics.Jenny has the privilege to under-study with Master Tay, a Classical Feng Shui Master who has more than 30 years of experience and had received his training under 8 different Masters from countries including Taiwan, China and West Malaysia. Master Tay is a well-known practitioner in the Chinese community in Singapore.Jenny also had the honour to study with the internationally acclaimed Master Joey Yap, the best selling author of various Feng Shui and Chinese astrology books, under his Mian Xiang Mastery Series on Basic and Practical Face Reading.Jenny has more than 10 years of experience in the research and practice of Chinese Metaphysics. She specializes in Ba Zi, Mian Xiang, Xuan Kong Flying Stars, and Ba Zhai. She has served clients from countries like the United States of America, West Malaysia, Singapore, Australia and Socialist Republic of Vietnam.

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