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Feng Shui Tips

In this edition of Feng Shui Tips I bring you some wonderful advice from Grand Master Tan Khoon Yong and the Way OnNet Group. Focusing on Hotel Taboos, this article is filled with lots of must know tips to ensure that your next hotel stay is a peaceful one.

Upon arrival at the hotel, you check in at the counter and get the room keys. The next scene…you find your room and prepare to open the door. But wait a minute! If you wish to have a peaceful stay, take note of the following do’s and don’ts.

1. Avoid staying in the last room of the corridor The room located at the end of the corridor usually receives little sunlight, thus may accumulate excessive yin energy which would cause uneasiness in some people. If you encounter such a situation it is advisable to ask for a change of room.

2. Knock on the door before entering Before opening the door knock or press the doorbell. The purpose of this practice is to say hello and inform ‘whoever’ is in the room that you are here for a short stay; as a form of respect.

3. Switch on the lights and flush the toilet Once you enter the room switch on all the lights and flush the toilet. A brightly lit environment can make one feel warm and at ease. As for the toilet flush, it is a symbolic act of flushing away the unwanted energy.

4. Flip open the blanket and pat the pillow After completing the above steps, walk over to the bed to flip open the blanket and pat the pillow. These actions serve to inform ‘whoever’ is in the room that you are staying here for a short while.

5. Leave your slippers in opposite directions and cover the mirror Before going to bed make sure you leave your slippers in opposite directions and avoid putting them nicely by the bed. If the bed faces the mirror directly, it is advisable to cover it up before sleeping.

6. Avoid touching the Bible or other religious books If you come across the Bible or other religious books in the room avoid touching them, especially if they are left open. These are just some tips for you to ensure that you enjoy your next hotel stay. Whether they are really true and effective measures we have no answer. However there’s no harm spending a little time on these if it brings you peace of mind. Article courtesy of Way OnNet Group Pte Ltd. For more information please visit www.WayOnNet.com   


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