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2015 year of the GoatSoon we will say farewell to the Year of the Jia Wu Horse (甲午) and usher in the Year of the Yi Wei Goat (乙未).

So it is time once again to make those Feng Shui changes around your home or business to ensure that you and your loved ones continue to be surrounded with beneficial Qi, good fortune and harmony.

As we all know, invisible energies exist in our environment and they can be positive and enhance our well-being and prosperity, or they can be negative and cause bad health and misfortune.

These energies are dynamic and change over time in a cyclical manner, so in order to ensure that things remain harmonious it is necessary to locate and attend to the annual energies at the beginning of every year.

This year the Lunar New Year falls on the 19th February, but the shift of annual energies is always based on the Hsia or Chinese Solar calendar and thus the Year of the Wood Goat commences on the 4th of February at 12.09 pm standard local time.

Lo Shu Chart for 2015

Each year there are four big Sha (煞氣 bad energy) and four lucky Stars to particularly watch out for.  These four Sha have the power to over-ride any Flying Stars, regardless of how good the Chart of your home or business is.

The three Sha are called the Grand Duke or Tai Sui (太歲), the Three-Killings or San Sha (三煞), the Year Breaker or Sui Po and the 5 Yellow Star (五黃).

On the other hand, the four positive energies to support and activate are the Lucky Stars 8, 9, 1 and 6.  So if you avoid the big Sha Qi, activate the Star 6 (power), Star 1 (promotion) and Stars 8 and 9 (money), you will increase your potential for the coming year. Here are the positions for the good and bad energies in the Year of the Wood Goat.

Year of the Goat 2015 Lo Shu Chart

Year of the Goat 2015 Lo Shu Chart

• Star 1 is located in the East sector and signifies promotion and growth. If your door is facing East it will be auspicious for academic success and recognition
• Place a bowl of clear water in your East sector and keep it clean and bright
• Star 2 is located in the South East sector and can bring sickness, loss and obstacles
• If you have any doors or windows facing South East, hang a strand of six metal coins or place a metal Wu Lou Gourd by the door or window
• Be extra careful for those people with bedrooms in this sector. Put a large metal object in this location and take extra care of your health & relationships
• Star 3 is located in the Tai Ji or Central Palace and can bring quarrels, legal problems and theft
• Place a lamp or a red object in this location
• Star 4 is located in the North West sector and brings the potential for romance and academic success
• Place a red object, an earthen figurine/pot or lamp in this location
• Star 5 is located in the West and can bring misfortune, financial problems, sickness and even sudden death
• The West also overlaps with the Three-Killings or San Sha (三煞),so it has a ‘double whammy’ this year
• Therefore keep the West sector clean and tidy and remove any active objects such as an aquarium or water feature
• Also make sure this area is not dark, cramped or cluttered and check that it is well lit and ventilated in order to help disperse the bad energy and prevent it from being trapped inside your house
• To further combat this bad energy place a large metal object in the West sector of your home or business
• Alternately you can place a salt water remedy in this location.  This can be done by placing a round shaped glass bowl or jar onto a terracotta or ceramic saucer.  Pour rock salt in the bowl until it reaches around 1/3 full and then carefully place 6 Chinese coins on top of the salt  in a circle
• Place an additional coin of a different denomination (not your own currency) in the centre of the Chinese coins
• Fill the glass bowl to the top with water, making sure that the coins are fully covered
• Replenish the water regularly as it evaporates and be careful not to disturb the coins or salt crystals that have formed
• Star 6 is located in the North East sector and represents power and promotion
• This star may also bring about travel, especially for the father of the house
• To activate this area place 6 x 20 cent coins with the heads facing upwards in this sector (you can also use 6 Chinese coins). Make sure that you wash the coins first
• However the North East also overlaps with the Sui Po or Year Breaker Star, so keep this area clean and tidy and remove any active objects such as an aquarium or water feature
• Groundbreaking and renovation should also be avoided in this location
• Star 7 is located in the South and can bring gossip, sex scandal and robbery
• It is also known as a fire hazard star and is particularly inauspicious to have in your kitchen. If you do then be extra careful with all of your cooking activities
• To combat this bad energy place a glass vase of fresh flowers or 3 to 4 pieces of Chinese Water Bamboo in this location
• Star 8 is located in the North and this auspicious energy brings wealth and prosperity
• To activate this area in 2015 place a water feature, lamp, or light candles or incense here
• Sleeping in a bedroom in the North may also enhance your opportunities to make money
• Star 9 is located in the South West and is another auspicious star for wealth and happiness
• However it also overlaps with the Grand Duke or Tai Sui in 2015 so it is best to refrain from placing any moving objects such as a water feature here
• To activate this area in 2015 place a lamp, or light candles or incense here
• Sleeping in a bedroom in the South West may also enhance your chances of romance

When implementing your annual remedies or activating the auspicious influences, please remember that it is not always necessary or possible to address every area of your home or business. You should also be mindful of the Flying Star energies which are present in each Palace, according to the Natal Chart.

Therefore you should firstly take care of the Grand Duke (太歲), Three-Killings (三煞), Sui Po and Five Yellow Star (五黃) and then focus on supporting or activating those aspects of your life that are most important to you.

Grand Duke Tai ShuiThe Grand Duke – Tai Shui

2015 is the Year of the Goat (未) and this means that the annual energy comes to our homes and businesses from the South West.  Therefore this year the energy known as the Grand Duke or Tai Shui is located in the Mountain of South West 1 (202.6° – 217.5°) or the Goat (未).

In Chinese mythology the Tai Shui (太岁)is actually a position in the celestial heavens which determines the annual fortunes of all mortal beings for a particular year. A person’s happiness, health, luck and fortune are all under the jurisdiction of the Grand Duke or Tai Shui and hence he serves to remind us all to avoid misdeeds, carry out charitable activities and take care of our health.

Great General Yang Xian is the Tai Sui or Grand Duke for the Goat year and it is he who gives trials to the afflicted Zodiac signs. Therefore each year it pays to heed the location of the annual Tai Shui so as not to disturb or offend him, as this can bring misfortune and problems.  It is also not advisable to move into a house that faces towards the Grand Duke, which for 2015 is of course the South West.

Pi XiuRecommendations:

• Avoid renovations or major changes in the South West sector during the coming year. If this sector is disturbed then you are likely to experience many problems including arguments and illness. If there is noDragon Tortoise choice with regard to renovation or repairs to your home, then ensure that you commence and finish all work in the adjoining sectors

• Alternately a special date and time can be selected for groundbreaking, renovation or moving in, but this requires the skill of an experienced Feng Shui Master

• Never sit facing the Grand Duke or sleep with your head pointing towards his direction, as this is said to be confronting him and may lead to misfortune and problems

• Appease the Grand Duke by placing his pet, the Pi Xiu in the affected sector or by wearing the Pi Xiu pendant as an amulet

• Alternately you can also place the figurine of a Goat or Dragon Tortoise in the South West sector and face it towards the Grand Duke, as this is another simple way to harmonize the influence and ensure his support

Three Killings San ShaSan Sha – Three Killings

The Three Killings or San Sha is one of the major annual afflictions in Feng Shui and is a very challenging combination of three energies – namely the Year Sha (Sui Sha), the Robbery Sha (Jie Sha) and the Disaster Sha (Zai Sha).

Obstacles that set you back may be caused by the Year Sha; wealth losses may be due to the Robbery Sha and frequent mishaps and misfortunes could be brought on by the Disaster Sha. Hence it is good practice to find out the location of this incoming energy each year and treat it accordingly.

During 2015 the San Sha is located in the West sector between 247.6 to 292.5 degrees. Therefore it is very important that the ground or location in which this energy resides should not be disturbed.  Please do not undertake any renovations in this part of the house or garden; avoid drilling or hammering and try not to sit with your back towards the West.

If the West sector and San Sha are disturbed then the consequences may include accidents, health issues, lawsuit, financial disaster, mishaps and possibly a string of hidden problems which bring trouble all year long.

So keep the West sector undisturbed and place three Celestial Guardians in this location to repress any misfortune. These can be 3 small golden Dragon Horse (known as Chi Lin) or a set of Fu Dog, Chi Lin and Pi Yao.

Dragon Horse Fu Dog

Sui Po – Year Breaker StarSui Po Year Breaker Star 2015

The Year Breaker Star or Sui Po is always located in the position directly opposite the Grand Duke.  As such it is known as the Star which clashes with the Grand Duke and should be treated with the same degree of caution. Therefore ground breaking and renovation should also be avoided in the North East sector of your home or business during 2015.

Most specifically this should not be done in the Mountain of North East 1 (Ox – 丑) which lies between 22.6 to 37.5 degrees.

So if you have not done so already, get started now and I hope that the Year of the Wood Goat brings you much happiness, health and prosperity!

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