Recollections of Grand Master Yap Cheng Hai – Master Aparna Agarwal

My first meeting with Grand Master Yap Cheng Hai was in 2006 when I attended the International Feng Shui Convention (IFSC) in Singapore. 

I was living in Shanghai at the time and it would be an understatement to say that I was ‘star struck’ when I met him.  Never before had I encountered a Grand Master in Feng Shui who was so knowledgeable and yet so humble.  Always ready with a smile and never saying no to all those people who lined up to have a photo taken with him. This was when I decided that I had to study with him, so I travelled to Malaysia for 2 weeks in order to attend his course. 

With a man of his stature, it is needless to say that the academic part of the course was amazing.  However what touched me the most was the family feeling that he gave to all of his students. It just happened to be the birthday of Mrs. Yap whilst I was there and we all were invited for the family lunch where we cut the cake, sang ‘Happy Birthday’ to her and to top it all Grand Master Yap also sang a song. 

I do not know how many people were aware of his composition and singing skills. It was a song that he had created to memorize the 8 Mansions and their qualities and I so wish I had recorded it at that time. 

From then until November 2013, I met him every year at the IFSC and he remained the same smiling, affectionate and sincere soul. Always ready with a valuable piece of advice and always concerned and enquiring about how things were at my end. 

His passing has created a big vacuum in the Feng Shui world. His physical presence will be missed, but he will surely be remembered very fondly by all those who knew him. 

My salutations to a great soul

AparnaSolo_SittingRedMaster Agarwal is adept in diverse schools of Feng Shui including Chinese Astrology, Pendulum techniques and I-Ching, having acquired her knowledge from Chinese Grand Masters in Hong Kong, Malaysia and Singapore. Both a Feng Shui practitioner and business woman, she has travelled extensively, conducting both private and corporate consultations in Asia, Europe and America with remarkable results. Once a Feng Shui instructor at the Expat Learning Center in Shanghai, where she also held the position as board member of the Expat Professional Women’s Society, Master Agarwal was an active contributor to many leading English magazines in the Chinese city. Armed with a Master’s degree in Science, she is the proprietor of Singapore based company Fortune Feng Shui, and continues to conduct Feng Shui courses. Her career experience includes being a professional IT executive for the United Nations/WHO in Geneva.








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Janene is the principle consultant and founder of ShenChi-FengShui. She consults widely throughout Australasia in the Corporate, Business and Residential sectors and operates a successful Melbourne based Professional Feng Shui Consultancy. Janene is also the President of the International Feng Shui Association (IFSA) – Australia Chapter and an IFSA Accredited Feng Shui Master

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