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Carolyn McCallum

Carolyn McCallum

Carolyn McCallum is the Director of Feng Shui Harmony. She holds a Bachelor of Education and a Masters of Education both from the University of Sydney and both focusing on Health. She commenced her study of Feng Shui in 2004 and has been widening her knowledge in both Feng Shui and Chinese Astrology ever since. Carolyn has attended numerous seminars, workshops and conferences in this time and read a multitude of books on these subjects. She has undertaken extensive specialist courses with Grand Master Raymond Lo (Feng Shui, Advanced Feng Shui and I Ching), the Australian Academy of Feng Shui (Chinese Astrology), the Australian College of Environmental Studies (Feng Shui), Jerry King (Advanced Four Pillars of Destiny), Melynda Munro – Personal Understudy to Master Liu (Feng Shui), Howard Choy (Business Feng Shui) and also with Master Lillian Too (Feng Shui). Carolyn is a member of the Australian Chapter of the International Feng Shui Association (IFSA).

Carolyn’s focus is to provide her clientswith information that will help them make positive changes to their quality of life by improving their environment so it assists rather than hinders their prosperity, abundance and wellbeing. Her success in achieving this outcome for her clients is evident in her Testimonials section on her website.

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    Lizette Akouri

    Totally agree with you Carolyn, as we’ve shared many of those journeys together, and looking forward to sharing more.


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