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11 Feng Shui Tips for your Bedroom

by Master Janene Laird
Bedroom Feng Shui

In this edition I would like to focus on Feng Shui Tips for your bedroom and what an enormous effect this room can have on the harmony, happiness and well being of you and your family.  Sleeping in a beneficial energy can have such a positive impact on your life that we consider the bedroom to be one of the most important areas in any home.   Positioning of bedroom furniture, the placement of decorative objects and a balance of Yin and Yang energies are all essential. In bedrooms a feeling of Yin should prevail as this suggests calmness and quiet and creates an environment that is ideal for rest, recuperation, relaxation and even a little romance. Try to keep the Yang energy and bold colours to a minimum, as muted tones are better suited to this room.

Bedroom Feng Shui General Principles:

There are many general Feng Shui principles which can help to guide you in the arrangement of your bedroom and some of these include:

  • Keep your bedroom clean and tidy as clutter under and around the bed will prevent the Qi from flowing and cause obstacles in your life, illness and fluctuating luck.
  • Open the blinds and windows of your bedroom regularly to allow light and fresh air to enter.
  • Avoid placing your bed either in direct line with the door or on the same wall as the door. Rather your bed should be placed on the wall diagonally to the door. This allows you to receive a more gentle and beneficial flow of Qi as it enters and circulates around the room.
  • Sleeping in a direct line with the ensuite/toilet door is also not advisable and can have an adverse effect on your health.
  • Ideally the head of your bed should not be located on the other side of the wall from a stove or directly above a stove as this can contribute to ill health and a hot temper.
  • Sleeping under an overhead beam is not desirable as this can contribute to a feeling of tension, headaches and other problems related to the head.
  • Take care when hanging a mirror in the bedroom as you should not see your reflection when sitting or lying in bed. A mirror that is hung on the wall above the headboard or on the wall at the foot of the bed can disturb your sleep, cause insomnia and even contribute to health problems.

Although Building Biology is not a part of traditional Feng Shui practices, it is nevertheless an important consideration in today’s electronic and wireless age. Strictly speaking electrical items such as a computer, television, electric blanket, cordless phone and mobile phone charger should not be used or kept in your bedroom.

In fact long exposure periods (especially during sleep) to the Electro Magnetic Fields from electrical equipment strains the body’s immune defenses and reduces its ability to fully rest and recuperate. These electric fields actually contribute to a rise in body voltage that can interfere with the natural cell and nerve signals within the body. This poses a significant risk to your health and can increase the risk of serious illnesses such as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and cancer.

Bedroom Feng Shui General Tips:

However from a traditional Feng Shui perspective the main things that you should consider when selecting and arranging your bedroom are:

  • Locate your bed in a room that has a positive energy, as this supports good health, restful sleep and beneficial relationships. We call this intangible influence a Mountain Star and in order to assess and determine its location in your home you will need the services of a qualified Feng Shui practitioner.
  • Alternatively you can utilize Eight Mansions Feng Shui to select an auspicious sector for your bedroom. The Sheng Qi (Prosperity), Tien Yi (Health), Yen Nien (Longevity) and Fu Wei (Stability) sectors of your home are all favorable.  However it is also desirable for these locations to contain a beneficial Mountain Star energy.
  • Place the head of your bed against a solid wall, as this provides you with support and protection. Do not place the head of your bed against a full length window or diagonally in the corner of the room.  Doing so can make you feel vulnerable, unsupported and even contribute to health problems, disturbed sleep and tension in your life.
  • Finally, once you have ensured that your bed is located in a beneficial Mountain Star energy and your head has the backing of a solid wall, you can then place your bed into a strong supportive direction according to either your Kua Number or BaZi (IV Pillars of Destiny).

Once again you will need the services of a qualified Feng Shui practitioner to advise you, as both are calculated from your date of birth. In fact a brief BaZi assessment should be included in any Feng Shui Audit and can provide additional information (such as favorable colours) to assist you in the design and decoration of your personal space.

Your bedroom should be a peaceful and healthy place where you seek refuge from the pressures and responsibilities of daily life. As an integral part of your home it can give you the opportunity to flourish and provide a sanctuary for around 8 hours every day. As such it is well worth investing a little time and money to ensure that your bedroom is a beneficial place that supports your human fortune and helps you fulfill your life potential.

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Minde August 18, 2019 - 7:49 pm

In my opinion, home owners shouldn’t hang any mirror in their bedroom, to avoid any mistake involved. I mean, we can be super careful to do so, but mirror is a very powerful item in Feng Shui that can bring (or take away) effects. It’s best to get advice from experts, or else home owners should eliminate all mirrors in the bedroom.


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