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by Master Lim Eng Cheong
Time to Gun for the A’s & Stars Again
As the end of year exams draw nearer it is the time when parents turn teachers and students start burning the midnight oil.  Tempers will flare, blood pressure will go up, anxiety will surface and sales figures of chicken essence will no doubt increase.
The mere mention of the word ‘exam’ still brings back vivid memories for me.  The stress that we had to put up, the last-minute struggle to comprehend complex concepts and the race against time during the examination itself still leave a lasting impression.  How can we ever forget those days?  Worse still, there is always a detestable group of people who keep complaining about how difficult the questions are, how catastrophic it is for them, and yet, these guys turn out to be the scholars in the end.  Thanks but no thanks.  We would prefer sincere empathies.  Grades may bring you a better head start, but it is your ethics and moral cultivation that will grant you a place in the hearts of others.  Wise up, dudes.
Are Your Children in the Right Position to Achieve Good Results?
You may be pressed for time to make any adjustments now.  However, I would still like to share with you some insights on the Academic Star (文昌星) and how you can make some simple changes to your children’s room to harness the positive energies to their advantage so that they can be more focused and concentrate better during their crucial exam preparation.  The changes that I am going to recommend may take some time to take effect, thus if it is not in time, it will be ready for the next time round.
Some of the points that I shall cover in this article include identifying the Academic Star in one’s BaZi (八字), locating the Academic Star sector (文昌位) in your children’s room, placement of the study desk and understanding your children’s inborn traits.
Some Children are simply Better than the Others in School
Some children are born talented.  Scientifically, it can be attributed to genes or DNA.  BaZi (八字), a popular Chinese Metaphysical system, allows you to take a peep into one’s potential and capability.  If you are familiar with BaZi, you will know that there are commonly 4 pillars, which are the Year, Month, Day and Time pillar.  Each pillar consists of 2 characters, namely the Heavenly Stem (天干) and the Earthly Branch (地支).
If you would like to know if you or your child has the Academic Star (文昌星) in the BaZi, there is an easy way to do it.  In 3 steps, you will be able to do it.  Firstly, check the Heavenly Stem (天干) on the Day Pillar (日柱) using a Ten-Thousand-Year Calendar (万年历), which is readily available in bookstores.  Simply look for your birthday in the calendar and it will indicate the Heavenly Stem that is evident on that day.  Based on your Heavenly Stem, the next step is to identify your Academic Star using the table that I have created here.  Lastly, look at the 4 Earthly Branches (地支) in your BaZi.  If there is at least one that corresponds to your earlier identified Academic Star, it means that you acquire an Academic Star (文昌星) in your destiny!
Having an Academic Star in one’s BaZi implies that this person is intelligent by nature, and he or she is smart enough to turn an adverse situation to an advantage.  This person is also academically inclined and possesses the potential to perform better than his peers in school.  It also means that he will require less effort to achieve above average results.
Congratulations if you are able to spot an Academic Star in your child’s or your own BaZi.  However, if there are any clashes or interferences with the Academic Star, its miraculous effects will be reduced and there will challenges or obstacles along the way.
Day Stem 日干
Academic Star 文昌星
Sector 文昌位
甲 jiă (yang Wood)
巳 sì
SE 东南 (142.5° – 157.5°)
乙 yĭ (yin Wood)
午 wŭ
S 南 (172.5° – 187.5°)
丙 bĭng (yang Fire)
申 shēn
SW 西南 (232.5° – 247.5°)
丁 dīng (yin Fire)
酉 yóu
W 西 (262.5° – 277.5°)
戊 wù (yang Earth)
SW 西南(232.5° – 247.5°)
己 jĭ (yin Earth)
W 西(262.5° – 277.5°)
庚 gēng (yang Metal)
亥 hài
NW 西北 (322.5° – 337.5°)
辛 xīn (yin Metal)
子 zĭ
N 北 (352.5° – 7.5°)
壬 rén (yang Water)
寅 yĭn
NE 东北 (52.5° – 67.5°)
癸 guĭ (yin Water)
卯 măo
E 东 (82.5° – 97.5°)
For some reason if you are still unable to identify the Heavenly Stem of your Day Pillar in your BaZi, feel free to drop me an email with your name and birth data.  I shall reply to inform you of your personal Day Stem (日干).  No strings attached.  (Email to [email protected]; address to “Master Lim”; and indicate title as “ProsperTimes checks my Day Stem”).
Seek Out the Desired Sector
All is not lost if you can’t find any Academic Star in your children’s or your BaZi.  Don’t despair as I am going to offer you some Feng Shui tips to help you seek out your Academic Star sector (文昌位).  Using the table that I provided earlier, I have also included the directional bearings for the Academic Star sector in the 3rd column.  Similarly, based on your birthday’s Heavenly Stem, you will be able to identify the sector from the table.  Using a magnetic compass, locate that particular sector in your child’s or your room.  If the configuration of the room permits, place the study desk in that sector to harness the positive energies.  I assure you that you or your child will be able to focus and concentrate better and enjoy the favourable effects.
Face a Good Direction
Again, if room configuration permits, position the study desk such that it also faces your child’s or your favourable direction.  You may want to refer to ProsperTimes™ March 2010 issue for a Step-by-Step instruction on how you can identify your auspicious directions using your Chinese animal zodiac (生肖) or your birth year.  (Visit www.ProsperWithFengShui.com for more details)
Inborn Personality Traits
Besides employing Feng Shui, one must also be aware of his or her strengths and weaknesses so as to realise one’s potential to scale greater heights and overcome one’s shortcomings to avoid unnecessary errors.
Of course, as time goes by, we will understand ourselves or our children better.  There is, however, a quicker way to do that and by doing it faster, we can eventually avoid learning things the hard way.  BaZi (八字) is like our DNA, our genetic mapping chart.  It discloses a lot of information about us.  It gives us a clue on our inborn personality traits.  It does not lie, which is why it may even be more reliable than conventional personality questionnaires.
I shall share with you 10 common BaZi personality profiles in this issue so that you are able to see yourself in the mirror and sniff out your strengths and weaknesses faster.  Similarly, based on the Heavenly Stem on the Day Pillar of your birthday, look out for the associated descriptors.
Day Stem 日干
Characteristics 特征
Strengths 优点
Weaknesses 缺点
甲 jiă (yang Wood)
Big & Tall Tree
Discipline, focus, tough, firm, strong-willed
Rigid, inflexible, conventional
乙 yĭ (yin Wood)
Blossoming Flower
Kind, helpful, adaptable, accommodating
Compromising, uncritical
丙 bĭng (yang Fire)
Radiant Sun
Open, straightforward, aboveboard, swift, passionate
Proud, egoistic, impulsive, rash
丁 dīng (yin Fire)
Burning Candle
Cautious, meticulous, polite, sensitive, intuitive
Temperamental, unpredictable
戊 wù (yang Earth)
Solid Rock
Trustworthy, reliable, honest, sincere, secure
Stubborn, obstinate, persistent
己 jĭ (yin Earth)
Fertile Farm Soil
Kind, flexible, adaptable, self-cultivated
Unpredictable, indecisive, irresolute
庚 gēng (yang Metal)
Broad Sword
Tough, doughty, candid, forthright, upright, courageous, loyal
Arrogant, rash, impulsive, aggressive
辛 xīn (yin Metal)
Exquisite Jewelry
Dignified, elegant, confident, sentimental, high perseverance
Ruthless, ambitious, face-saving
壬 rén (yang Water)
Vast Ocean
Resourceful, quick-witted, magnanimous, responsible
Headstrong, willful, stubborn, frivolous
癸 guĭ (yin Water)
Refreshing Rain Dew
Creative, imaginative, principled, opinionated
Irresolute, lack courage
For example, if you are born on a jia Wood day (甲), you can liken yourself to a big, tall and strong tree.  You are someone who is positive, upbeat, disciplined, tough, focused, firm and strong-willed.  If you set sights on your objective, you make sure that it is fulfilled eventually.  However, you are also someone who is more rigid than the others.  You tend to be more inflexible when you encounter a problem and you prefer conventional ways to unconventional methodology.  When we are aware of such tendencies, we should attempt to loosen up a bit and be more open to new ideas so as to adapt ourselves better to changing situations.
“Time’s Up!  Stop Writing.”
Mixed feelings when I hear this.  I may feel relieved that the exam is over or my face may turn pale if I still have questions unanswered.  Nevertheless, I am thankful that my academic results are still okay and I managed to get a good degree.
I hope that my pointers and tips will calm some nerves and help a bit.  I wish you good luck and all the best for your exams!  Sleep well and don’t forget that bottle of chicken essence in the morning.

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