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Achieving Good Feng Shui with the Chinese Zodiacs

by Ned Mann

The main principle of traditional Feng Shui is to maintain balance between the physical and invisible realms. This leads to harmony and good fortune.

But in order to do that, you must also learn concepts like the Five Elements Theory (fire, earth, metal, water and wood) and the Chinese zodiacs.  Feng Shui for Modern Living discussed how the five elements interact with one another to create balance at home. You need to have each of these elements in the right proportion in your life.

Today, let’s talk about the Chinese astrological signs. To achieve good Feng Shui with these zodiacs, consider their qualities and the elements compatible to each sign. Elite Daily points out that your personality may have something to do with the traits of your sign. The rat for instance, is the first in the Chinese zodiac wheel and characterized by resourcefulness and diligence. The rooster, meanwhile, is known for efficiency and critical thinking.

Once you’re familiar with the characteristics, you can create Feng Shui positions in your personal space through fixtures or furniture. These objects should represent the elements compatible to your sign to produce a favorable outcome. If you were born in the year of the tiger, the element specific to your fortune is earth. You can place a potted plant in your room, which will symbolize earth. A plant that bears fruit is better because it signifies success.

In other signs, it’s not enough for the fixture representing the element to be included. The object must also be positioned in a specific direction. A person born under the sign of the goat needs the element of wood symbolized by an item such as a mahogany box. The box needs to contain something from the person’s job and must be positioned facing north.


There appears to be real weight to the practice of Feng Shui with the zodiac signs, because they already have a profound influence on people’s lifestyles. A commentary on TED remarks that assumptions are made about certain people depending on their sign. A lot of people want to be in business with dragons because they are typically characterized as great leaders. On the flipside, single people stay away from sheep as they are deemed indecisive.

In fact, these associations also affect family planning. Back in 2012, birth rates drastically increased in China since parents wanted a child born in the year of the dragon. In many schools on this side of the world, the zodiac signs contribute to where students are in the social hierarchy.

And on a larger scale, entertainment media in both the East and West incorporate the signs in different forms. Renowned action star Jackie Chan starred in the movie CZ12, where he plays a treasure hunter searching for 12 artifacts representing each sign. UK-based gaming site Cheeky Bingo hosts a plethora of games based on different cultures and titles like Dragon Tiger Live, 7 Monkeys and Zodiac Fortune use elements of the zodiacs. The animals take the center stage in terms of both design and game play. The astrological signs are popular themes due to the positive attributes normally linked to them. With such widespread applications of the concept, it certainly wouldn’t hurt to incorporate the same principles in your life. In many cities worldwide, you’ll actually notice that many businesses, offices, banks and homes follow Feng Shui and Chinese zodiac compatibility. Just make sure to consult a legitimate Feng Shui practitioner.

Of course, it goes without saying that you still need to combine these beliefs with virtues like perseverance for you to succeed. Even the Chinese and Feng Shui experts agree on this matter.

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