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Astro-Palmistry – Reading Between the Lines

by Master Janene Laird

 What is Astro-Palmistry?


Contrary to popular belief Palmistry originated in India and although the Chinese practiced this as well, they placed much more emphasis on Face Reading. In fact Palmistry is an ancient Hindu science which has been practiced for around 5000 years and even taught at institutes for higher learning.
Astro of course refers to Astrology and most good palmists in India know astrology and vice versa. In fact the great Indian Masters put astrological signs into the palm of your hand and that’s why we have the Saturn Finger, the Mount of Moon, the Girdle of Venus and so on. In fact there are many interesting signs which are found in Indian Palmistry, such as the Temple of Fame and the Fish Mark which are not recognized in Chinese Palmistry.
A good Astro-Palmist should have a sound background in both Palmistry and Astrology, as these are actually twin sciences and therefore closely related. For example if a palmist told you that you are secretive, jealous, sarcastic in your jokes and very black and white then you are probably born in the sign of Scorpio.
Your palm is a computer printout of your mind; both conscious and subconscious. Millions of sensory receptors flow through your body and one third of these go to your palms. Consequently what you think has to be reflected in your hands and as such they are considered to be like a road map of your life. In fact every part of your hand contains important signs with our palms, fingers and hand postures all revealing who we are and where we are going in our life.
So can we change our destiny? Palm Reading is like a road traffic report on the radio. If you are told the freeway is jammed, you would be wise to use an alternative route and save yourself a lot of headache and trouble. In just the same way you can also use the information revealed in your hands to change your habits, alter your behavior or plan a better course of action. Unfortunately, however many people are stubborn, think they are smart and proceed regardless of the signals. As a result they often bring themselves unhappiness and heartache, which of course also affects the people they love.
Therefore it is recommended that you have your palms read or checked every six months due to the ongoing and systematic change of your lines. Of course you have every right not to listen to the palmist, but just make sure that you don’t leave it to the last minute. I also strongly advocate optimism, positive thinking and listening to good advice. Come to think of it habits mold your character, which in turn can influence your future and your fortune.  So change your habits (not that of others) and YOU CAN IMPROVE YOUR FATE and avoid pitfalls. Life can be much better and as I always say ”It’s all in your hands”.
Do you want to know your strengths and maximize your career and business potential? Would you like to detect health problems early, counsel people in distress or even match make? Do you wish to become competent in Palm Reading and help your family, friends and clients?
If so then please join Master Khor at Sacred Keys in Epping, Melbourne for Module 1 – Professional Palmistry Course and learn about the Secrets of Palmistry from an authentic Master.
Course Outline – Module 1
·         History of Palmistry
·         Difference between Palmistry & other types of Fortune Telling
·         Facts about Palmistry
·         Three Types of Palmistry
·         The Thumb and the Fingers and their Significance
·         Various types of Fingernails
·         Characteristics of the various Mounts
·         Seven major types of Palm Shapes and their Meanings
·         Unique signs in the Palm and their Significance
·         The Three Basic Lines
·         The Three Major Lines

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