Dr Jin Peh
Dr Jin Peh provides Feng Shui consultations and Astrology life readings using classical and traditional methods. He also offers individual one on one or group classes. Jin can be contacted at [email protected] Since 2005, he has been the Feng Shui columnist with Hong Kong's major English newspaper, the South China Morning Post. In November 2010, a compilation of his columns, Feng Shui: A Hong Perspective was published. Jin grew up in Singapore but moved to Perth, Western Australia as a teenager, where he graduated as a doctor in 1996. He then studied Broadcasting Journalism at the West Australian Academy of Performing Arts. In 2000, he started a two year feng shui apprenticeship in Taiwan with renowned master Chen Chien Lee in both Yang and Yin House feng shui (residence and grave), while studying classical Chinese at the National University of Taiwan. Jin is also trained in both major systems of Chinese astrology, the Ba Zi (Eight Characters of Birth) Astrology with Lily Chung in San Francisco and the Zi Wei Dou Shu or Emperor Gate Astrology with Tony Tan in Singapore.