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BaZi or IV Pillars of Destiny

by Madam Lee

Ask Melynda – Office SeatingIn our regular feature ‘Ask Melynda’ we’ll take your most puzzling questions or persistent problems and ask our resident Feng Shui ‘expert’ Melynda Munro to advise and guide you.  So if you have any relevant Feng Shui or IV Pillars of Destiny questions email them to us at [email protected] and well publish her response in our next edition.

How would I know if I am a weak or strong birth year? In the Chinese calendar I am born under the sign of the Earth Dragon. My birthday is June 20, 1988.

For some of us this question may appear somewhat basic, but it is well worth answering for all those readers who actually know very little about BaZi or the IV Pillars of Destiny.

Yes you are born in the Year of the Earth Dragon, but more importantly you are born on a Yang Fire day and in a season of Fire. In the IV Pillars of Destiny we also use your time of birth (if known) in order to see a full picture of how the elements relate in your Natal Chart.   Without a time of birth the strengths and weaknesses of your Chart can still be determined by looking at your life history and comparing this to the prevailing elements in your Luck Cycles. However you should really seek a personal consultation with a qualified and experienced BaZi Practitioner in order to receive a thorough assessment.
I can tell you though that as a Yang Fire person it is better to be born during the daytime as this energy represents the sun and is bright, warm and vibrant. In addition you are here to inspire others, so keep a light burning as others will look to you in some way even if it is just as a valued friend. Also take care to get plenty of sleep as Fire people can burn themselves out if they are not careful. People with this self element are also usually generous, charitable, open minded, straight forward and rarely have any hidden agenda.  As such they can be quite popular and make friends easily.
As the sun rises and sets every day, this implies that Yang Fire people generally like routine and consistency. Sometimes they can also be hot tempered and explosive, but because they cannot hide their feelings their anger does not accumulate.  If they feel something is wrong they tend to speak out, resolve the issue and quickly return to a happy and sunny state of mind.

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