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Editors Letter – Edition Two

by Master Janene Laird
Janene Laird

Welcome to our second bumper edition of Feng Shui Today – an online magazine for the modern professional and avid enthusiast.

The traffic and response to the inaugural edition of our e-magazine has been fantastic with visitors to the site coming not only from Australia, but also from Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, South Africa, Europe and the United States. Feng ShuiToday currently receives around 3000 visitors per month with anywhere between 700 to 900 page views every day. This is a very heart warming response and with your continued support we look forward to becoming a wonderful resource for the industry.

The international and local Feng Shui scenes are also alive and well with many exciting events taking place. On Saturday the 29th November the Singapore Feng Shui Centre (SFSC) held its annual Alumni Gathering at the Singapore Polytechnic. It was a wonderful night with Grand Master Vincent Koh utilising I Ching Divination & Bazi to deliver his aptly entitled key note presentation – Awakening the Submerging Dragon. Are you prepared for 2012? 

The other speakers also presented very informative and entertaining topics which included Qi Men Dun Jia for Divination, Face Reading Unveiled, Bazi for Your Environment, Your Inner Nature & Soul Personality and Dynamics in Numbers. Other upcoming events are listed below, but please visit the IFSA – Australia Chapter website at and check out our Latest Events section for a more detailed and comprehensive list.

  • 8th International Feng Shui Convention (IFSC) in Singapore on the 19th & 20th November 2011 www.intfsa.org
  • IFSC Post Convention I Ching Divination Workshop in Singapore on the 21st & 22nd November 2011 – Personally conducted by Grand Master Vincent Koh www.fengshui.com.sg
  • Chinese New Year/World Feng Shui Day Luncheon in Melbourne and Sydney on the 28th January 2012 www.intfsa.org.au
  • International Feng Shui Association (IFSA) – Australia Chapter Feng Shui Convention in Melbourne on the 19th & 20th May 2012 www.intfsa.org.au
  • IFSA – Australia Chapter Post Convention LoPan Workshop in Melbourne on the 21st & 22nd May – Personally conducted by Stephen Skinner

We are truly blessed to have a community of such knowledgeable and generous Masters so committed to passing on authentic Feng Shui practices and traditions to the next generation. I understand that time, travel and money are often a consideration with regard to ongoing professional development, but I hope you are able to take advantage of at least one or two of these amazing events in order to further expand your skills and understanding of Feng Shui, IV Pillars of Destiny and I Ching.

Whether you are a professional practitioner or simply wish to advise your friends and family, it is very important to embrace a life long commitment to learning. Chinese Metaphysics is such an enormous and diverse field of study that we cannot hope to achieve real competence after only one or two courses. I once heard GM Vincent Koh say, “If you graduate today and stop learning tomorrow then you are uneducated the day after”. This is not only true with Feng Shui, but indeed with life in general.

Our 7 feature articles for the October issue very generously come to us from some of our leading experts and practitioners. Topics include A IV Pillars Guide to Relationships, Ten Gods and BaZi, Activating the Nobleman Sector of your Home, Stillness & Taoism, What makes a Professional Feng Shui Consultant, Building Biology & Smart Meters and 2012 – The Year of the Water Dragon.

So once again we invite you to take a well deserved break and enjoy our October edition of Feng Shui Today. Please be sure to share any suggestions or feedback with us and we would love to receive any articles or course details you think would be of interest to our Feng Shui community. Don’t forget that if we do publish your article you will receive a complimentary ¼ page advertisement for your business, event or line of products!

Master Janene Laird


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