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Gong Xi Fa Cai and welcome to the Year of the Earth Pig! 

The Lunar Year of the Earth Pig (己亥) commenced on the 5th February and according to the Chinese Hsia Calendar it is symbolized by Yin Earth () sitting atop Hai or the Water Pig ().

Earth sitting on Water is a controlling or destructive relationship. Therefore this year the Earth element is considered to be damp and unstable, resulting in more disasters such as earthquakes, landslides, avalanches and even building, bridge or tunnel collapse.

The quality of Yin Earth is also likened to that of a garden or ‘Mother Earth’, which means that on the surface everything appears to be calm and peaceful, but in reality there are underlying tensions and conflict. So a year filled with many promises of conciliation, accord and goodwill may instead meet with resistance and unrest.

Whilst a year with strong Water and weak Earth elements may bring wealth and growth opportunities, it does suggest health issues related to the stomach, digestion, kidneys, reproductive system and hearing.

Furthermore the absence of Fire, is likely to affect the heart, eyes, hormones and circulation which can contribute to issues related to blood pressure, cholesterol and diabetes.   So while you enjoy life this year, make sure you pay attention to your health and book in an annual check-up with your doctor.

The economy, property and stock markets may show some upward improvement during the first half of the year when the Fire energy temporarily returns, particularly in February which is a strong Fire month.  However this will be relatively short lived as the predominantly Water and Wood influence of the Pig () kicks in from August onwards.

From a property perspective this means that real estate will continue to shift from a being a seller’s market to a buyer’s one. Further decline is likely during the very strong Yang Metal/Water Rat (庚子) year of 2020; so if you are looking to invest in the property market or purchase a new home, wait until at least the second half of 2019 to make your move.

As the Pig () is a Travel Star, this year we can expect plenty of movement, change and travel.  In turn this can trigger more traffic accidents on the road, on the sea or in the air.  So be extra patient when driving or traveling; plan your journey carefully and don’t take any unnecessary risks or compromise your safety with low budget travel options.

Finally the Pig () represents the beginning of winter season in the Chinese Hsia calendar and heralds the start of a completion cycle.  Thus we are inclined to enter a period of quiet contemplation which can lead to a spiritual awakening and inspire us to evaluate our core values and convictions.  So trust in yourself and follow your instincts.

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Master Janene Laird (AFSM)

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