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Editors Letter – Fourth Edition

by Master Janene Laird

Janene LairdWelcome to the fourth edition of Feng Shui Today – an online magazine for the modern professional and avid enthusiast. Run in conjunction with the Australia Chapter of the International Feng Shui Association (IFSA), this magazine promises to be a portal for all aspects of Chinese Metaphysics.

Once again the international and local Feng Shui scenes are alive and well with many exciting events taking place over the last few months.  Melbourne hosted the IFSA Australia Chapter Feng Shui Convention in May which proudly featured both national and international speakers.  
Master Stephen Skinner delivered the keynote address at the convention on The Unity of Feng Shui Methods and over the course of the weekend this was followed by other outstanding presentations on a variety of topics including Astro-Palmistry, Feng Shui, BaZi, Ritual & Ceremonial Origins of Feng Shui, Building Biology and How to be a Professional Feng Shui Practitioner.
Our thanks and appreciation are extended to the wonderful panel of speakers – Master Stephen Skinner, Master Khor Tong Nee, Jerry King, Dr. Jin Peh, Master Juliana Abram, Melynda Munro, Tyler J. Rowe and Nicole Biljsma who all generously donated their time and expertise to ensure that this event was both educational and entertaining.
Master Stephen Skinner then graciously held a 2 day Post-Convention Workshop on The Secrets of the Outer Rings of the Lo’pan and Master Khor Tong Nee ran two evenings on Introduction to Astro-Palmistry. Both of these events were very well supported and we thank these gentlemen for flying all the way from Singapore to share their wisdom, knowledge and experience with us.
In June we were pleased to welcome Grand Master Raymond Lo to Melbourne once again. He was certainly kept busy during his stay ‘down under’ as not only did he teach his world renowned Practitioner Training Course on IV Pillars of Destiny & I Ching, but he also graciously hosted an evening for the IFSA Australia Chapter focusing on IV Pillars & Career. Following this he even made time to be the special guest of The Ministry of Feng Shui and officially open their new training facility in Epping, Melbourne. We look forward to 2013 when Grand Master Lo returns to teach his Feng Shui Practitioner Training Course.
During July and August we were blessed to have Melynda Munro teaching her 2 day Understanding Fire Workshop in both Sydney and Shepparton. Anyone who has heard Melynda speak at previous IFSA Australia Chapter events will know that she is an extraordinary lady whose energy always serves to inspire and nurture. I was most fortunate to attend this workshop last weekend and highly recommend it to any serious minded and experienced practitioner.
As usual the Singapore Feng Shui scene has also been busy with the Singapore Feng Shui Centre now running Qi Men Dun Jia courses in English. The course lecturer is Master Lim Eng Cheong and the course advisor is Grand Master Vincent Koh. The next course commences on the 17th of September and is open to all SFSC graduates and Alumni members so be sure to book your place now.
The International Feng Shui Association (IFSA) will be running its annual Feng Shui Convention in Singapore over the weekend of the 17th & 18th of November. Full details will be available shortly so mark these dates in your diary to make sure you don’t miss this marvelous event!  
Chinese New Year and World Feng Shui Day will be celebrated once again in both Melbourne and Sydney with a luncheon on Sunday the 3rd of February hosted by the IFSA Australia Chapter. Speakers in Melbourne include Master Howard Choy, Master Edgar Lok Tin Yung and Tyler J Rowe. Master Khor Tong Nee will also be visiting our fair shores for the CNY festivities and will be a guest of honor at the Melbourne luncheon. In Sydney Master Siou Foon Lee, Melynda Munro and Jane Dempster-Smith will advise and guide guests for the coming Year of the Snake, so this will certainly be an event not to be missed. Full details for both luncheons will be available in a few weeks so stay tuned for more!
Finally back to this issue of Feng Shui Today and once again our feature articles very generously come to us from some of our leading practitioners and masters. Topics this month include ‘Li’ Ancient Rites & the Ceremonial Origins of Feng Shui, Developing Feng Shui Eyes, Feng Shui of the Bank of China, Feng Shui Consciousness, Date Selection, IV Pillars of Killers, Willard Mitt Romney’s Destiny Analysis and IV Pillars to Good Health.
With our regular articles Feng Shui Tips features advice from Grand Master Tan Khoon Yong and the Way OnNet Group on Hotel Taboos – Must know tips for a peaceful stay.
In Ask Melynda our resident expert answers a question from a local consultant on dealing with a difficult client and offers some suggestions for screening those people who may have unreasonable expectations or misunderstandings about Feng Shui. Don’t forget to email your questions to us at [email protected] and Melynda will answer them in our next edition.
In Classical Corner Tyler J Rowe brings us more “Wisdom from the mouths of ancient sages to the ears of the modern practitioner” and in so doing helps to dispel and unravel some of the myths and legends surrounding the ancient study of Chinese Metaphysics. In this issue he turns again to the classics as he aims to clear up one of the old conundrums of 理气派 Lǐqì pài ‘Patterns of qi [Compass] school’ of Fengshui. Should we use the eight sectors or nine squares to divide a structure for analysis?
Finally in Profile of a Master we are honored to sit down and chat with Grand Master Tan Khoon Yong.  Born in Singapore, Grand Master Tan inherited his forefather’s expertise in geomancy at the mere age of 30. Armed with a soaring ambition to provide professional consultancy services, he founded Way Chinese Geomancy Centre in 1984. Over the next three decades, Grand Master Tan has continued to research feng shui and lead the Way Chinese Geomancy Centre to become a world-class professional organization with an international clientele. During this time he has also conducted more than 1000 seminars worldwide, breathing life into the age-old theories of feng shui. Despite his fame and accomplishments, Grand Master Tan remains a humble man. He frequently remarks, “The study of feng shui is a ceaseless pursuit for humanity that spans time and space. Therefore we must spare no efforts in the lifelong quest for its infinite wisdom”.
So enjoy a well-deserved break whilst you read our fourth edition of Feng Shui Today. Please be sure to share any suggestions or feedback with us and we would love to receive any articles or course details you think would be of interest to our Feng Shui community. Don’t forget that if we do publish your article you will receive a complimentary ¼ page advertisement for your business, event or line of products!
Janene Laird
Feng Shui Today






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