Janene 2013Welcome to the sixth edition of Feng Shui Today – an online magazine for the modern professional and avid enthusiast!

I can’t believe how fast this year has flown by and that we are already nearing the end of August with Christmas just around the corner. As always everyone here at the IFSA Australia Chapter has kept busy throughout the year with the various events we have hosted and supported.
Amongst those events were our annual Chinese New Year Luncheons in Melbourne and Sydney, which now seem to have become a firm favorite amongst the local Feng Shui community. This is most gratifying as we always have a terrific line up of speakers and these events are such a great way to prepare yourself and your home for the year ahead. Next year’s luncheon is scheduled for Saturday the 1st of February, so be sure to mark this date in your calendar and we will let you know more details within the next couple of months.
Melbourne also hosted the IFSA Australia Chapter Feng Shui Convention in May, which once again featured both national and international speakers, as well as a post-convention workshop on Date Selection with Edgar Lok Tin Yung.
Since our inaugural convention in 2010 we have endeavored to create a dynamic and innovative event by offering extra features such as private readings to our delegates and the general public.  Last year Singapore based Master Khor Tong Nee conducted Astro-Palmistry readings, whilst this year the amazing Jerry King provided one on one BaZi consultations. The response to both of these masters was very positive and all available appointments were quickly filled.
At this year’s convention we also replaced the ribbon cutting opening ceremony with a more traditional aboriginal Welcome to Place Blessing.  This was followed by a talk from Robynne Nelson on Aboriginal Cross Cultural Training. Robynne is an Indigenous woman of Yorta Yorta and Dja Dja Wurrung (Jaara Jaara) heritage and via her presentation she was able to share some awareness of Aboriginal culture, spirituality and customs with us and how we can incorporate these into our Feng Shui practice.
On the international scene, the IFSA will once again hold their annual Feng Shui Convention (IFSC) in Singapore at the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts over the weekend of the 16th & 17th of November. Titled I – Ching & Feng Shui this event proudly celebrates its tenth anniversary and tickets include a gala dinner. To register your interest, please visit the IFSA website at www.intfsa.org.  Also a little birdy tells me that the IFSA Executive Committee are going to make an exciting announcemnt about the 2014 IFSC!
Finally back to this issue of Feng Shui Today and once again our feature articles very generously come to us from some of our leading practitioners and masters. Topics include I-Ching of the Boston Bombings by Grand Master Raymond Lo, Feng Shui Do’s & Don’ts by Master Stephen Skinner, The Six Schools of Xuan Kong Flying Star by Howard Choy, Feng Shui Considerations for Purchasing a New Home by Jerry King, The Heart of Feng Shui by Master Juliana Abram, BaZi & the Academic Star by Master Lim Eng Cheong, The 2013 Australian Election by Vicki Sauvage and A BaZi Analysis of Kevin Rudd & Julia Gillard by Andrea Stoltenberg.
With our regular articles, Feng Shui Tips shares some advice on Air Purifying Plants for your home and office. This may be particularly beneficial for all of us as the ever increasing Pollutant Standards Index (PSI) levels reveal the true extent of our hazardous air quality.
In Ask Melynda our resident expert answers a question from one reader on the use of images such as the Dragon and Tiger in a business environment. She also offers suggestions to another reader on how to enhance romance potential in the home. Don’t forget to email your questions to us at [email protected] and Melynda will answer them in our Christmas edition.
In Classical Corner Tyler J Rowe once again brings us “Wisdom from the mouths of ancient sages to the ears of the modern practitioner” and helps to dispel and unravel some of the myths and legends surrounding the ancient study of Feng Shui. In this issue he addresses the controversy surrounding the theory that certain applications in Feng Shui should be reversed for use in the Southern Hemisphere. Without necessarily exploring why these systems inherently and inevitably fail on both a theoretical and practical level, he explains how an answer of sorts can be drawn from the earliest foundation classics of Chinese Philosophy and Feng Shui.
Finally in Interview with a Master we are pleased to sit down and chat with Master Juliana Abram. Having studied Feng Shui since 1994, she has had the privilege of being privately tutored by Grand Master Raymond Lo and is now known worldwide for her expertise and skills. Indeed her passion for the application of Feng Shui in building design has been instrumental in developing concepts for a number of world-class commercial and residential buildings throughout Australia and her gift for creating living spaces which draw on positive Feng Shui influences to create sustainable interior environments is exemplary.
As Founder & Director of the Feng Shui Centre www.fengshuicentre.com.au Juliana also offers regular courses around Australia on Feng Shui, 4 Pillars of Destiny and I Ching and organises Grand Master Lo’s Practitioner Training throughout the country. A gifted speaker, Juliana has presented on the subject of Feng Shui throughout Australia and Asia and her top selling book, The Feng Shui Way is recognized as one of the finest and easiest to read on the authentic style of traditional Chinese Feng Shui.
So please enjoy a well-deserved break whilst you peruse this edition of Feng Shui Today.  As always we have done our best to bring you a magazine that is full of great advice, useful tips and informative articles. In fact we welcome your suggestions and feedback and would love to receive any articles or event details you think would be of interest to our Feng Shui community. Don’t forget that if we do publish your article you will receive a complimentary ¼ page advertisement for your business, event or line of products.
Janene Laird
Feng Shui Today