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Feng Shui Do’s and Don’ts

by GM Dr Stephen Skinner

Following on from his ‘Interview with a Master’, which featured in the fifth edition of Feng Shui Today, Stephen has kindly put together a list for our readers of his top 10 Feng Shui do’s and don’ts.

General Feng Shui Recommendations:

  • Always ask for an accurate plan of the house/site drawn to scale.
  • Try to secure all relevant birthdates before reaching the house/site.
  • Before you begin ask what the particular concerns are of the client, as in money, family or relationships. Later check if the feng shui indicates anything the client has not mentioned like a 2,3 combination causing arguments, or an indication of sickness in a particular room.
  • Go around the house first to get the general layout right in your head.  Then go around looking out of each window in turn and observing any exterior influences.
  • Observe what lies immediately outside or strikes the main door. If it is a sha ch’i alignment then screen it from sight. If it is untidy have it cleaned up.
  • Take great care with any visible or nearby water bodies, including swimming pools and open drains

Flying Star Recommendations:

  • Make sure you use the building facing and not just the front door facing when drawing up a Flying Star chart.
  • Use the ‘birthday’ of the building (it’s construction date) just as you would use the birthday of a person.  The move in date has its uses, but the construction date is much more important.
  • When using Flying Star check which stars are activated by the surrounding landform features.
  • Distinguish the Mountain Star from the Water Star as their effects are different. For example a 2,5 combination has quite different effects from a 52.

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