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Feng Shui for 2018 Year of the Earth Dog

by Master Janene Laird

The solar Year of the Earth Dog (戊戌) commences on the 4th February 2018 at 05.28 am LST.

The Dog is the 11th sign in the Chinese Zodiac and considered to be an honest, intelligent and loyal animal. According to the Hsia Calendar, the year is also characterized by the Heavenly Stem of Yang Earth (戊) on top of the Earthly Branch of the Earth Dog (戌).

This double, primary influence of the Earth element suggests a year of more positive change with an increased focus on social awareness. But how will these influences affect you personally and what can you do to prepare yourself, your family and your clients? If you would like to learn more, then this preview for the Year of the Yang Earth Dog by Master Janene Laird at the recent Manila IFSC will help you make the most of the energies and influences that lay ahead in 2018.

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