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Five Ghosts Carry Wealth

by Edgar Lok Tin Yung

In Feng Shui there are many methods which help to bring wealth to a family. These methods include activating the wealth corner(s), activating the current period Qi and activating the annual wealth stars.  However there is a unique, genuine Feng Shui method called Five Ghosts Carry Wealth and if implemented correctly it can have a strong impact and bring in a lot of wealth.

The name Five Ghosts carry Wealth sounds a bit scary, but don’t worry as these are friendly ghosts. In fact if this Feng Shui method is applied correctly, these five friendly ghosts will keep carrying money to your home and wealth to your family. The only drawback is that the Five Ghosts carry Wealth formula may not be applied to every single home, as it needs certain conditions and requirements.

I briefly mentioned already that there is the unique and genuine formula for Five Ghosts Carry Wealth, so some of you may therefore ask is there fake Five Ghosts carry Wealth formulas?

The answer to that is yes. From my understanding there are a few modern versions or practices which do not follow the classical Feng Shui text.  Do not apply the following methods as these are incorrect.

1. Do not apply Gan Gua as the Five Ghosts Carry Wealth

In the Later Heaven Bagua, the Gen Gua, (22.5 – 67.5 deg) is called the Ghost Gate (艮為鬼門). If someone tells you to open a door at the Gen Gua sector to activate the Five Ghosts Carry Wealth, do not believe them. This method has no basis in the classic Feng Shui text.

2. Do not apply the Five Ghost Carry Wealth using Eight Mansion Formula

In the Eight Mansion (八宅) theory (which is based on the sitting of the house) one of the Gua sectors is called Five Ghosts or廉lián. For example in a Li house (sitting South), the Five Ghosts sector is at Dui Gua(West sector) or in a Zhen House (Sitting East), the Five Ghost sector is at Qian Gua sector (Northwest).

The Five Ghost sectors calculated from the Eight Mansion formula are not the friendly ghosts who are carrying wealth to you. Instead, if the doorway is located or you open a doorway at the Five Ghosts sector, it will bring in a lot of misfortune and obstacles.

3. Do not apply any methods involving an altar, statues or burning of joss sticks

Some unconventional so-called Feng Shui Sifu claim they can use black magic or Shamanism to invite spirits to carry the wealth for you. In my opinion this is not creditable as Feng Shui only examines the distribution of Qi. It does not involve religious practices, gods, Buddha or any other spirits.

If you come across such ‘masters’ using some ceremonies, burning talisman, burning joss sticks, using statues and so on then please re-consider as these are not traditional Feng Shui methods. Traditional classical Feng Shui is all about Qi flow and Qi distribution.

The Five Ghosts Carry Wealth does in fact utilise Qi distribution and even though its name includes the word ‘ghost’, it does not involve any spirits.

The following is an outline of the classical method or formula of the Five Ghosts Carry Wealth.

The Classical Method for the Five Ghosts Carry Wealth

In Feng Shui Qi distribution formulas, one of the methods is called (Fān guà) “翻卦 or Turning the Gua. Some books may also call it Nine Stars Fān Guà (九星翻卦) or Earth Mother Gua (地母卦).  The San He Luópán (compass) has this formula on it.

The nine stars referred to are: 貪Tān, 巨jù, 祿lù, 文wén, 廉lián, 武wǔ, 破pò, 輔fǔ, 弼bì. This order is also for the Mountain Dragon Fān Guà.  廉lián is known as the Five Ghosts.

The Water Dragon Fān Guà “翻卦” uses a different order which is :武wǔ, 破pò, 廉lián, 貪Tān, 巨jù, 祿lù, 文wén, 輔fǔ, 弼bì.

Therefore there are both Water Dragon and Mountain Dragon Fān Guà formulas.

The Water Dragon Fān Guà uses the facing of the house to identify the Gua. Use this Gua to start the process of Fān Guà and to determine the position of incoming and outgoing water. Water relates to Wealth.

The Mountain Dragon Fān Guà uses the Sitting of the House or the incoming Mountain Dragon to identify the Gua. Use this Gua to start the process of Fān Guà and to assess the location of mountains or other surrounding, tall objects in the external environment.  Mountain relates to Health.

Once both the Mountain (sitting) and Water (facing) Guas have been identified then you can start the Fān Guà.

The requirements are:

The Mountain Dragon: The廉lián Five Ghosts located in the facing after Fān Guà
The Water Dragon: The巨jù located in the incoming water Fān Guà
So the 廉lián (Five Ghosts) carries the巨jù water (wealth) into the family. This is the classical method of Five Ghosts Carry Wealth
For example a house that is sitting in Bing (S1) and facing Ren (N1)
After the Mountain Dragon (Fān Guà) “翻卦”, 廉lián, the Five Ghosts is at the facing Ren
After the Water Dragon (Fān Guà) “翻卦”, the巨jù is at the Gui
So if there is water coming from the Gui direction and there is a door located at the Gui area, this house has got the Five Ghosts Carrying Wealth Feng Shui configuration.

The Water Dragon (Fān Guà) “翻卦” and the Mountain Dragon (Fān Guà) “翻卦” steps are not mentioned in detail here because they are quite complicated and cannot really be described in a few sentences. The purpose of this article is merely to dispel some myths and misunderstandings surrounding this ancient, classical formula.

Please do remember however that if this formula is applied incorrectly, it will bring very bad results, so I don’t recommend that you implement it yourself unless you have received training from a legitimate Feng Shui master.  If not then I suggest you contact a professional Feng shui consultant in your local area to help and advise you.

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