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Landscape or Form School – The Perfect Arrangement

The actual landscape that surrounds any building or home is analysed according to the location of the ‘Four Celestial Animals’.  These are not real animals but are in fact metaphors for forms and features such as trees, plants, hills, fences, rocks, other buildings and houses.  We call these animals the ‘Red Bird’, the ‘Black Tortoise ‘, the ‘Green Dragon ‘ and the ‘White Tiger’ and together they form the ‘Perfect Arrangement’.  When a building is located within this perfect arrangement then precious energy is created and can attract good fortune for the occupants.

The ‘Red Bird’ is the area located at the front of your building or home and symbolically represents opportunities that come into your life.  It should be a flat, open space and you should be able to stand at your front door and see out and beyond this area.  Always ensure that your main entrance is neat and well maintained and that any trees do not obscure the building from the street.  A low fence is preferable in this area because it provides a protective barrier between your building and the street and still allows you to have a clear view from the main entrance. Therefore this in turn allows the precious ‘Life Force Energy’ to enter your business or residence and bring opportunities for prosperity.

The ‘Green Dragon’ is located to the right of your building or home, as you stand and face toward it and provides you with Yang Qi, which gives you the motivation to go out and make something of your life.  The Dragon is considered to be a very spiritual creature that is gifted with wisdom and foresight and offers you protection and guidance.  It should be represented in the physical landscape by a substantial structure such as another building, tall tree or mound of earth.

The ‘White Tiger’ is located to the left of your building or home, as you stand and face it and should be smaller or less significant than the ‘Green Dragon’.  This provides you with Yin Qi and enables you to rest and relax at the end of the day.  The Tiger’s role is to defend your building or residence and deflect any threats that may come to you.

The ‘Black Tortoise’ is the most important animal of all and is located at the rear of your building or home.  What lies behind your property is considered to be as important, if not more important, than what lies to the front.  This is because it is considered to be responsible for the protection and containment of your ‘Life Force’.  It influences the stability, health, relationships, support and careers of the occupants and should be something that is substantial in size like a fence, tall tree or a two storey building.

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