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From Four Pillars to Hair

by Master Janene Laird

In Chinese the saying goes, 易医同源. Meaning to say that the I-Ching (commonly known as The Book of Changes) and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) have the same origins where the Theory of Five Elements plays an important role.

In this article, I shall share with you how to examine the ‘conditions of our hair through our birth data’ as expressed through the Four Pillars of Destiny.

In TCM it is believed that the quality of our hair is linked to the condition of our kidneys, which is represented by the element of Water. Besides the element of Water, the element of Wood is another variable that affects the condition of our hair.

Why is that so you may ask?  According to the Generative Relationship of the Five Elements, Water produces Wood and both elements are closely related. Hence, by examining the condition of Water and Wood in our Four Pillars Chart, we should be able to tell the conditions of our hair such as:

  • lustre (色泽)
  • moisture (润泽)
  • softness (柔软度)
  • hair loss (脱发)

A quick and useful tip: if both the elements of Water and Wood are healthy in the Four Pillars Chart, one can expect to have beautiful hair that has moisture and a soft texture. If the Four Pillars Chart is however too dry, then it simply implies that the hair is dry too!hair

Curly hair is also an obvious indication of the presence of strong Fire. How do you de-code whether one has hair loss from the chart? Make a guess before scrolling down for an explanation.

Yes, Metal is one of the main culprits. If we were to use our imaginative minds to visualize the act of Metal chopping the Wood, then doesn’t it resemble a pair of scissors (Metal) cutting the hair (Wood)? Hence, in the Four Pillars Chart where the Metal element is strong in ‘chopping’ the Wood, hair loss could be one of the main concerns. In addition the condition of hair loss is especially obvious and severe in the Luck Cycle of Metal.

There is one more element that contributes to hair loss….. What would that be?

A straightforward clue; which element controls Water? Indeed, Earth is the element that controls Water. The presence of strong Earth in the Four Pillars Chart is detrimental to the proper flow of Water, as well as the growth of the hair.

Is there any remedy for hair loss? From the perspective of TCM, Earth represents contemplation. Hence, the more we contemplate, the stronger the Earth, the weaker the flow of Water and hence, the growth of hair. The solution is therefore obvious; refrain from thinking unnecessarily. Therefore in order to prevent myself from getting hair loss, I have to stop contemplating and end my sharing now.

Here’s wishing everyone good health and I look forward to seeing you all at the 11th Annual Feng Shui Convention (IFSC) in Melbourne on the 15th & 16th November where I will be presenting on the topic of ‘Bazi & Health’.

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