The crystal tree is a replica of the traditional Chinese “wishing tree.” These trees are placed on desks or tables to wish for increased luck, wealth and fortune. According to legend, the crystal tree was created by a faerie that fell in love with a village boy. She planted this wealth producing tree to ensure their everlasting happiness and comfort. This started not only the belief in Feng Shui crystal trees attracting wealth, but the traditions of leaving wishes written on slips of paper that are hung or placed near a wishing tree to bring good fortune.

Here are the traditional placements for the crystal tree that are supposed to increase certain types of luck and fortune in your life.

  • On the desk –  improve memory and attention
  • In the Northeast corner of a student’s bedroom – increase luck and success in studying and education
  • At the “earth center” of the house – enhance compassion and harmony in the family
  • Southwest corner of master bedroom – enhance love, harmony and well-being
  • Northwest corner of desk – to attract help and guidance of an influential person

Crystals and crystal trees are said to enhance healing energies and focus energies in positive ways. Many people using them as a focus object for meditation and find their visual presence to be calming.