Heaven Luck is used to predict major world events, weather and natural disasters so that we can better prepare for them.  For example people can increase their home and contents insurance in those areas which are most likely to be affected.

The Heaven Luck energy begins when the Earth is passing the Winter Solstice, normally on the 21st or 22nd of December each year, calculating from the Northern hemisphere point of view. So let’s look at the characteristics of the Heavenly Stem and Earthly Branch for 2015.

• The Heavenly Stem is Yin Wood (乙) and the Earthly Branch underneath is Wei (未), which is the Chinese Zodiac animal sign of the Goat
• The hidden elements inside the Earthly Branch of Wei (未) are Yin or Ding Fire (丁) and Yin Wood (乙)
• The Earthly Branch of Wei (未) is the Wood Storage
• Overall the year of the Goat has a strong Yin Wood element (乙)

With such a Yin Wood (乙) and hot, dry Earth (未) combination we can then foresee the following issues:

2015 yin goat1. In such an arrangement the Yin Wood element is strong and this controls the Earth element.  Coincidentally the annual Flying Star 3 (Wood) also flies into the Central Palace (Earth) this year. As a result this influence may well bring strong earthquakes in 2015, especially during the months of March, April, September and October.

2. Yin Wood is Xun Gua and Xun represents the Wind Trigram in the Early Heaven Arrangement.  So in the year of the Goat 2015, we can see more tropical cyclone activity. Therefore if you live in an area which is prone to these extreme weather patterns make sure you have adequate protection, proper insurance, fix up the windows and strengthen your roof.

3. Natural disasters bring thunderstorms, power failures, lightning or electrical accidents in the year of the Goat.

4. Wood element on top controls the Earth element and this symbolizes that the upper level supresses the lower level. Therefore some governments will increase the use of force to supress rebels. However as it is a Yin Wood year, the government is most likely doing this secretly or manipulatively and as a consequence it may bring war and killings.

5. Wei (未) is Earth element and the Earth element relates to faith, religion, traditional culture, traditional customs, traditional beliefs, traditional practices, traditional systems and so on.  As such these are likely to be faced with big challenges this year.

6. Earth element is land, property, buildings and construction. The Earth element is controlled by Wood in the year of the Goat.  Therefore there will be new rules or regulations introduced relating to the control of the Earth element, including land and real estate properties.  As the Earth element is supressed, hence property prices may also level out or drop.

7. Earth element is the digestive system, muscle and skin.  As it is controlled by Wood this year there may be more health issues related to these areas. So be more health conscious and maintain a balanced diet and exercise regime.

8. The Flying Star 3 in the Central Palace means arguments, lawsuits, fights and gossip. These may become more of a focus or problem for you this year. So remember to think more before you talk and that “silence is golden”. 2015 flying stars9. The Three-killing (San Sha) and Five Yellow Sha are also located in the West this year, so more issues such as violent or sexual harassment towards younger females may arise.

10. We are now in Period 8 which means that Star 8 is also located in the Central Palace. The annual Star 3 (Wood element) once again controls the Star 8 (Earth element). The Earth element 8 can mean young kids and property. Therefore keep a close and more frequent eye on your children. Also real estate property prices may be slowing down.

11. The Yin Fire (Ding丁) is hidden inside the Earthly Branch of the Goat (Wei 未) and this means that the Fire element is waiting patiently for its chance to come out. There are two ways that the Fire can be ignited.

Firstly in the Horse month of June, the Horse (午) will combine with the Goat (未) to produce Fire. So during June in the Northern Hemisphere there will be an increased risk of bush fire.  Secondly the Goat year will clash with the Ox (丑) month (January 2016) and the fire in the Goat will be released. Therefore there is an increased risk of bush fire during January 2016 in the Southern Hemisphere.

Wood Element Controls Earth Element
As already discussed, the Earth element relates to property, real estate, building and construction and these industries are controlled by the Wood element
Be very careful in the months of January, April, July and October of 2015 if you are speculating on the share market. Please note that January means early January to early February, April means early April to early May, July means early July to early August and October means early October to early November.

2014 and 2015 – ‘Gold In Sand’
“甲午乙未砂中金” The Heavenly Stem and Earthly Branch combine and produce Metal element in both the Year of the Horse 2014 and the Year of the Goat 2015.
It is called ‘Gold in Sand’. Gold here means Metal element. Metal element is hidden inside the sands. Excessive Fire element damages the Metal element. Metal element is banking and finance, accounting, insurance, mining, metal manufacturing industries and so on.

Weather In 2015 Year Of The Goat
The Year of the Goat 2015 has three Dragons producing Water. The Dragon is the Water storage.

Each year the more Dragons which produce Water, the more rainfall we can expect.

As the Year of the Goat has only three Dragons out of a potential twelve Dragons producing Water, it is likely to be a slightly drier year. Once again with dry weather there will be more fire issues.

Generally the weather patterns or events in the year of Pig, Rabbit and Goat are slower to manifest and slower to fade away. In the other words the cold spells and warm summery days stay on for a relatively longer period.