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Interview with Grand Master Vincent Koh

by Master Janene Laird

Interview with a Master goes one on one with internationally renowned author, teacher and Feng Shui Grand Master – Vincent Koh.

Whilst enjoying a successful career in the building industry Grand Master Koh developed an interest in Feng Shui and spent the next 30 years studying and researching this ancient Chinese practice. Today the success of his clients speaks well of his expertise and he is regularly invited to speak at public seminars and consult on various residential, business and corporate projects.

1. How did you first become interested in Feng Shui? Please share some of your path of learning with us.

Originally I was an engineer and had worked in the building industry since 1967. In 1979 I started my own construction company and it was during this period of my business that I encountered many clients requesting for feng shui to be incorporated into their designs.  Back then in Singapore there were not many well-known ‘masters’ around and they mainly came through special request from China, Hong Kong or Taiwan. I watched them placing feng shui inputs into the building designs and was amused by their works. I then started to do research in this area and of course I had the advantage to verify the outcome of their work.

2. Many Feng Shui consultants feel that the further they study Feng Shui the more confused they become. Did you experience this during your own journey, and if so how did you overcome it?

Most students are anxious to learn as much as possible in a short period of time and as a result, have no depth in their studies. The reason why they are confused is because they are unable to connect the various theories together.

3. What made you turn Feng Shui into your profession?

When I retired from my construction company in 1995, I decided to spend full time in my feng shui research work. I therefore started to practice for friends, past business associates and myself. Their positive feed back gave me confidence and more people kept on coming to me. My profession is not by choice but through continuous referrals from those who have benefited from my services.

4. Is Feng Shui widely accepted and applied in your country and do you face any difficulties explaining Feng Shui to your clients?

In Singapore the word feng shui is very familiar, in particular with the Chinese and it is receiving more acceptance as practitioners are becoming more professional. Clients only want to see positive results.

5. What is the most common reason that people engage you for a consultation?

There are various categories. They come from setting up a new home\ to re-arrangement of the interiors in their work place. On the commercial level, new buildings do seek feng shui inputs to draw buyers.

6. Do you practice Yin House Feng Shui and if so do any of your clients engage you to select an auspicious burial site?

No I don’t. Burials are not popular in Singapore anymore due to land scarcity. However, I do assist clients to select niches at the columbarium.

7. What analysis methods do you use during your consultation process?

Methods are abundant. A feng shui consultant is like a mechanic, armed with a set of tools. A good and experienced feng shui master must not be limited with his knowledge. Therefore in my consultations I have different sets of methods for different cases.
For example to input feng shui into a blue print is far more sophisticated than to feng shui an existing house.

8. From your point of view, do you think the knowledge of destiny analysis is important when it comes to Feng Shui?

Yes, knowledge of 4 pillars (BaZi) analysis is an added advantage. You can practice destiny analysis alone by being a fortune teller, but you cannot practice feng shui without in-depth knowledge of 4 pillars of destiny analysis.

9. Please share with us a case study you have done which you found to be most interesting.

I had a case where a family of 4 moved into a new house and around 2 two weeks later, the elder son fell ill and died. When I visited the house I was not informed of this incident. However, by correlating the house birth chart with the families birth data (amongst other things), I was able to sense the tragic outcome to the elder son if he slept in that room. They were really surprised by my assessment, but I am not telling this story to prove my skills. Rather I wish to highlight how feng shui is powerful and interesting if you have the right tools.

10. What is your Top Feng Shui Do and Top Feng Shui Don’t?

Do not attempt if you have no confidence. DIY can be dangerous. If you want to be a practitioner, my advice is to carry out a minimum of 20 successful case studies under the guidance of a good Mentor.

Singapore Feng Shui Centre

In 1997 Grand Master Vincent Koh established the Singapore Feng Shui Centre (SFSC) to promote the practice of Feng Shui in Singapore and around the world. In line with this vision he collaborated with Singapore Polytechnic and in 1998 began to share his knowledge and expertise via the aptly titled ‘Basic Science of Feng Shui’ course. In 2009 this popular course was endorsed by the International Feng Shui Association and is one of the entry criteria for graduates to the accreditation of the title ‘Master’.

Today Grand Master Vincent Koh and the Singapore Feng Shui Centre continue to fulfill their mission to share his knowledge and train professional practitioners worldwide. In 2011 the ‘Basic Science of Feng Shui’ course will be offered in Australia as a series of 2 day workshops. These are designed to provide access to international students who are unable to attend the extended courses based in Singapore and are suitable for professional Feng Shui consultants, architects, interior designers, real estate agents, property developers and general public who are interested in learning more about Feng Shui and Chinese Metaphysics.

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