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Is Your BaZi Static?

by Grace Niu

The energy and everything within the Universe is ever-changing and ever-moving. Time is an important variable in Feng Shui when interpreting how the energy behaves and shifts. As Feng Shui practitioners, we all know that no house can have good fortune forever. What goes up must come down and what goes out, must come around, just like the wheel of fortune.

The Flying stars theory we use in Feng Shui is the best reflection and proof that energy is changing constantly, not yearly, monthly, but day by day, minute by minute.

So how is this theory reflected in a person’s Bazi or Four Pillars of Destiny chart? Should it be static or is it dynamic? I have been pondering these questions and I’d like to share a few of my thoughts with you:

  • If the energy is ever moving and never static, the quality within a person’s Bazi chart should therefore also respond to the dynamic flow of this energy as they progress through different stages in life, rather than be set in stone.
  • As the result of this, a person’s useful (or favorable) elements should not remain the same throughout his/her life either. They should be changeable, movable to match the flow of the energetic vibrations.
  • We should always read the chart in totality rather than in isolation. However, I have come to realise that we should not place an equal influence on each pillar. The month and day pillar will accompany us throughout our entire life journey, while the year and hour pillar can provide a specific influence while we are moving through different stages in life.
  • For example, the influence of the hour pillar (which represents later stage in life, i.e. 60 onwards) to a child can be minimal, while for a person who is at the age of 66, the influence of the year pillar has faded, therefore, has minimal effect on their life.
  • How do we work with the energy flow to provide clients not only insights but actionable solutions that reflect the chart in real-time? “Balance or Go with the Flow?” This is the question I have been asking myself for quite a while.

For years, ‘to achieve the balance of the chart’ has been the primary goal when I assess my clients’ Bazi chart. It is all about the balance and harmony of the five elements. If the self-element is strong, balance it by introducing output and wealth element for release. If the self-element is weak, nurture it with the self and resource element in order to achieve balance.

By using this theory, we have placed our emphasis solely on the self-element in relation to the rest of the chart. But what about the prevalent energy flow created when the birth chart interacts with the incoming energy from a 10-year luck cycle or year? What happens when the individual elements in a birth chart interact with the new incoming energy, particularly when they create combinations, clashes or form alliances?

These interactions and formations must inevitably change the dominating energy presented within a person’s chart. In other words, the quality and essence of the chart changes.

From the real examples and case studies I have experienced, people usually feel supported when there is a dominating or prevalent energy flow like suddenly there is wind in their sails and they are being guided. In such cases to ‘go with the flow’ according to the dominating energy is the natural way to follow, rather than going against the grain.

Assessing the dominant energy theme or prevalent energy flow within a birth chart at any particular time is crucial when determining a clients’ useful elements and making recommendations for their life strategies.

Lastly, the factor of Karma and Inner-Feng Shui play a super important role in ones’ ultimate destiny, even for people with the same birth chart as their destiny can be far from alike. Take Bill Gates for example. Millions of other people must have been born on the same day and at the same time, but only Bill rose from obscurity to co-found Microsoft and ultimately become the world’s richest man.

Inner Feng Shui is hardly a new concept.

風水是人 – meaning Feng Shui is people.

Feng Shui is you & me.

It is who we are as an energetic being.

It is the words we speak and action we take.

It is our heart that holds the dream and our soul that speaks the truth.

Its core fundamental is – it all comes from within 心生万法.

As our collective energy is rising, more and more people are tuning inward to align with their energetic blueprint and their soul purpose. As a practitioner, it not only requires me to make solid still time to attend my inner garden so I can fill my well before I attend to others, it also asks us to broaden our horizon and raise our own vibrations so we can serve others better.

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