Master Tyler J. Rowe – Kan Yu Date Selection – An Investigation Of The Shi Pan And Its Use In Auspicious Timing

The Shì Pán or Divination Plate is one of the oldest devices used in Feng Shui. With few references made in classic literature, information on its function is obscure, and opinions on its application varied. Considered to be a forerunner of the Luo Pan compass, the Shi Pan was an astronomical instrument used to measure time rather than space. The method was known as Kān Yú or ‘Canopy and Chariot’ after the structure of the tool – a circular heaven plate (the Canopy) over a square earth base (the Chariot). As such, the technique is thought to be the basis of all date selection and auspicious timing systems that followed. Come investigate the history, construction, influence and use of the Shi Pan, as we draw reference to ancient textual evidence and modern practical potential.

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