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Methodology's of Annual Predictions and the Year of the Dragon

by Master Janene Laird

In this months e-magazine Jerry King guides us through some of the methods used to formulate annual predictions and what these reveal for the coming Year of the Water Drgaon. Jerry received private BaZi (八字) Four Pillars of Destiny and I Ching training from Dr. Lily Chung in San Francisco, a world renowned expert in Eastern Metaphysics, specializing in Four Pillars and the I Ching. He has also studied Feng Shui and Four Pillars under various masters in Taiwan and Hong Kong. Jerry specializes in Purple Star Astrology (紫微斗數) readings and travels extensively, consulting globally and obtaining research data and verifying theories of cosmic flow in the Four Pillars of Destiny. 

Prior to looking into the year of the Dragon, I would like to explain how interpretations, predictions, and analysis are made about the year. There are many different schools of thought in terms how we predict world events throughout the year. One method is to utilize the Four Pillars of the ruler, which is often referred to as the Grand Duke. Another approach is to interpret the year through the use of the Annual Stars. By gathering data and information from the past, we can use such data to try to predict the future based upon patterns. It is a combination of logic and statistics, not superstition.

A more advanced technique requires the use of the 60 year hexagram, 10 year hexagram, and the annual hexagram to piece together the information and come up with what the natural laws of the I Ching is telling us for the year. This method was devised over a thousand years ago by a man named Shao Kang Jie (邵康节). I have explained this method a few years ago in an article and the method used to predict the world events were amazingly accurate. In 2012, the ruling hexagram is hexagram #24, Fu (), which can be translated to ‘Recovery’.
Lily Chung wrote:
“Fu can mean ‘back to the origin’, ‘recovering’, or ‘rebuilding’. Fu is the opposite of Po (Hexagram #23). Recovery is the natural course of a prolonged decay. A great leader will pick up the pieces to re-establish order. Yang force will replace yin (decay). This yang will slowly gain a foothold, pushing upward to establish itself and rebuild a healthy order. Recovery takes power, like thunder breaking in the air, loud, clear, continuous and decisive.” Divination – Look forward to a positive change or favourable recovery. Carefully check your work, and correct errors at the beginning.
I will write more about the use of these hexagrams in the future.
 A key factor that many Feng Shui masters may tend to overlook is the influential power of the world that political leaders possess. 2012 will most likely see a new president in China by the name of Xi Jinping. There will also be a presidential election in the United States and Obama is not guaranteed to repeat as president of the United States. These two events are critical to the direction of the global economy. As a result, the analysis of the Four Pillars chart of Xi Jinping and a number of presidential candidates in the United States can give us more insights as to what to expect from a political and economic standpoint.
Every Feng Shui master has their own systems of interpretation. The general course and flow of energy should be similar. From a five element theory perspective, water the dominating element in much of 2012. Even though the Dragon possesses earth, the water storage can be untapped at certain times affecting world events. There are books basing individual predictions for the year upon one’s animal symbol which is very dangerous. Please do not take those books seriously as they are meant more for entertainment purposes.
Trying to accurately predict what will happen in the future can be a daunting task. It requires a lot of thought, calculations, and experience. If a prediction is incorrect, Feng Shui masters take the brunt of the blame; on the other hand, credit is rarely given to Feng Shui masters because some may see it as luck or fluke. We are not dealing with just numbers like math. In math, numbers are set; when we question what 1 + 1 is, the answer is obviously 2. In the metaphysical world, 1 + 1 does not equate to 2. I will explain this further in future conferences and seminars.
Year of the Dragon
Above is a Four Pillars chart of the ‘Grand Duke’ or the ruler of the year accompanied by the monthly cycles. This is a type of chart many Feng Shui practitioners use to determine world events and how the individual is affected by the ruler. As mentioned earlier, this is by no means the only method applied within Chinese metaphysics.
The year of the Dragon will present a conflict and instability between water and fire. The fire is coming from the Tiger while the water is found in the heavenly stems with additional storage of water hidden in the Dragon. This instability will breed uncertainty in world markets. The level of volatility will be greater than previous years. With the volatility seen in world markets, great opportunities will arise for risk takers being in good cycles. The ideal approach is to play a wait and see mode with the markets. It is best to capitalize on a mid-year drop and buy high growth stocks during that period and reap the rewards in the latter half of the year. With real estate, patience and the resistance to jump in early is the approach to take in the year of the Dragon.
The first lunar month with be the most difficult part of the year. Natural disasters and health issues will come to the forefront in this month. The areas to be aware of are the Southeast and the North. Both these directions are influenced by the two annual sickness stars. In addition, the Grand Duke resides in the Southeast. If it is possible, try to avoid activating these sectors with active water features for 2012. Inadvertently activating these areas can bring about health issues to the household.
The last time the Annual Five sickness star flew to the Southeast, SARS broke out in Southern China in 2003. The situation was different due to the fact that we were still in period 7. Number 7 represents the Dui Gua, meaning the throat and lungs. Fast forward to 2012, we are currently in period 8 and it represents the Gen Gua. Earth is also the element representing Gen Gua. The Five Yellow sickness star points towards the Tibetan region of China which may bring about earthquakes and natural disasters. The Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam and Indonesia are by no means safe from natural disasters as they are classified as the Southeast corner of the planet. With Southern China and Hong Kong, expect more issues related to food poisoning and the stomach. Australia and New Zealand should also be on alert when it comes to natural disasters.
For those who have a Chinese Lunar calendar, take note of the third, ninth and twelfth lunar months. In Four Pillars terminology, the third month, being the month of the Dragon, represents a self punishment with the ruling energy. In the ninth month, the month of the Dog, it represents a clash between the ruling energy and the monthly animal. If you were to do the monthly flying stars of these months, notice that the Southeast sector for these months has a considerable amount of earth as the monthly two star increases the earth energy of the Annual Five in the third and twelfth lunar month while the monthly five star doubles up with the Annual five in the ninth lunar month.
The Annual Two Sickness star, residing in the North for 2012 will affect Russia, Mongolia and Scandinavian countries. Precaution should be taken when travelling in the North in the sixth and ninth lunar month.
Year of the Dragon Flying Star

 Period 8 Flying Star

The Annual stars shown above can be used to interpret both world events and to implement Feng Shui enhancements or cures within the household. Let’s begin with the center palace.
The 6 annual star is placed in the middle palace in the current period 8. The 6 star, being metal is supported by the earth energy from period 8. Essentially, greater economic growth will be seen in cities located by mountains and cities in higher elevation. Ski resorts will be one of the greater beneficiaries of 2012. It has also been stated that the weather in the northern hemisphere is colder than previous years so this is a sign of things to come.
In the year of the Dragon, the scholar star lies in the East. Unfortunately, it is in conflict with the metal energy of period 8 which is located there. This conflict between metal and wood will bring a rise to car accidents in Taiwan, China, and Japan.
This is where the Annual Five sickness star lies and to add to the negative energy, the Grand Duke is also located in this area. As stated earlier, nine years ago, the SARS broke out in the Southeast region of China. The southeast region encompasses a wide area all the way to the Philippines. For those who monitor the location of the monthly stars, the combination of the two or the five monthly sickness stars flying into the southeast increases the possibilities of a breakout of diseases or illnesses.
The Annual Romance Star flies to the South for the year of the Dragon. Positive growth and partnership in the Southern regions will be witnessed. South in general is relative to where we are located. If you are a business person trying to establish a foothold in your business, consider increasing your business deals in the south. Although major business deals will be completed, the deals may come with conflict. This is the result of the number one (Romance Star) supporting the three star in period 8. The three star being a conflict star with wood energy and enhanced by the water found in the annual one star.
The argument star flies to the Southwest and will likely cause problems in the Southwest regions of China all the way towards India. There will be a high possibility of earthquakes revisiting Sichuan province in China. Internal conflicts may come about in India and Pakistan, therefore, security measures has to be one of the main focuses for these two countries.
The wealth star, Annual 8, resides in the West but it is in conflict with the 1 star of period 8. What does this mean? Earth related natural disasters will be caused by heavy rainfall and flooding. Tropical regions such as Thailand and Vietnam are susceptible to these disasters. The western regions of South America can also feel the negative impact of heavy precipitation.
The Annual 7 robbery star flies to the Northwest conflicting with the 9 energy of the current period. Precautionary measures must be taken when dealing with fire in this sector of the home. Analyzing the world with the Annual 7 star, the primary focus will be on Russia and Northern Europe. Natural disasters can come from fire. Massive armed robberies can also occur in Russia and Northern Europe. The focus in the Northwest should be placed on homeland security.
The 2 star representing earth and the stomach region will be a concern for households that accidentally activate this sector. Ensure that fire related items are not placed in this sector of the house. This includes the television, oven, and candle lights. It is best to have this sector remain inactive.
The effects of the 9 star will be felt in Korea, Japan and parts of Canada since the 9 star is located in the Northeast. The negative impacts will come in the form of fire related accidents. These accidents can come from power plants and mining facilities.
The Year of the Dragon may prove to be another difficult year and we will witness many political and economic changes. As the superpowers of the world bring in a new regime, they will be burdened with the task of pulling the world economy out of financial issues which has lasted for a number of years. For the individual, if your Four Pillars chart enjoys water and the energy of the Dragon, it is most likely that you will have a very prosperous year. Remember to avoid looking at the generalization of your animal sign in relation to the Dragon. If you are uncertain about how individual predictions are made, seek a reputable Four Pillars consultant for advice.

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