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Romance sectors – Almost Complete Activation

by Edgar Lok Tin Yung

There are a few Feng Shui formulas to activate romance for singles. The most common one is known as the ‘Peach Blossom’. This formula works out the romance sector by using one’s birth year, aka the animal sign of a person, regardless for single male or single female.

The formula is as below:

Year of Birth Animal SignsPeach Blossom24 Mountains sectors degree
Rabbit, Sheep or PigPeach Blossom RatNorth 375.5°- 7.5°
Ox, Rooster or SnakePeach Blossom HorseSouth 172.5°-187.5°
Tiger, Horse or DogPeach Blossom RabbitEast 82.5°- 97.5°
Rat, Dragon or MonkeyPeach Blossom RoosterWest 262.5°- 277.5°

Yes, that is it. It is this simple. This formula shows up on a lots of internet websites. The question is: Is it correct?

In my opinion, this formula is not 100% effective as the activation sector is determined by the facing direction of the house. As such the Rat, Horse, Rabbit or Rooster sectors may NOT necessarily be in a good place to be activated.

To improve the effectiveness of romance activation, there are a few more areas needed to be looked at with at least 3 more formulas to be activated or deactivated accordingly.

  1. The formula of the Gū chén(孤辰), Guǎ sù (寡宿), should be inspected and deactivated. (Gū chén(孤辰), Guǎ sù (寡宿) simply means lives or sleeps alone)
  2. The formula of the Hóng luán(紅鸞), tiān xǐ(天喜).( Hóng luán紅鸞, tiān xǐ天喜 means happiness events, such as marriage or pregnancy)
  3. The third formula is the Nà jiǎ納甲 formula. The Nà jiǎ納甲 formula used to find a spouse sector for a person based on his/her date of birth.

Let’s look at each formula in more details.

The Gū chén(孤辰), Guǎ sù (寡宿) sectors are found by one’s year branch. Here are the sectors calculated by the year of birth.

Years of BirthSectors in 24 Mountains (Degrees)
Pig, Rat, OxTiger (52.5°- 67.5°), Dog(292.5°- 307.5°)
Tiger, Rabbit, DragonSnake(142.5°-157.5°), Ox (22.5°- 37.5°)
Snake, Horse, GoatMonkey(232.5°-275.5°), Dragon(112.5°-127.5°)
Monkey, Rooster, DogPig (322.5°-337.5°), Goat(202.5°-217.5°)

If a lady called you to activate her romance or relationship, we don’t quickly use the Peach Blossom formula. Rather we must check the Gū chén(孤辰), Guǎ sù (寡宿) sectors first. Let’s say this lady was born in the year of the Ox. Then check the above table, Ox’s Gū chén(孤辰), Guǎ sù (寡宿) sectors is the Tiger and Dog. Most of the time, she most likely sleeps in either of these sectors within her home.

In such a case, her bed should be relocated to an auspicious sector.

Which sector is favourable for her?

It depends on the Hóng luán(紅鸞), tiān xǐ(天喜), the The Nà jiǎ納甲 formulas and the actual built environment.

To calculate the Hóng luán(紅鸞), tiān xǐ(天喜), sectors, here is the formula.

The Hóng luán(紅鸞) starts with the Rat at the Rabbit sector and moves anti-clockwise to the birth year.

The tiān xǐ(天喜) starts with the Rat at the Rooster sector and moves anti-clockwise to the birth year.

Here is the result of the calculation:

Years of BirthHóng luán(紅鸞)tiān xǐ(天喜)

We still use the Ox lady as an example. Use the above information, there are two sectors to be activated. First is the Horse sector. Second is the Monkey sector. We need to check if these two sectors are available for use, or which sector is best to be used.

The third formula is the Nà jiǎ納甲 formula. It is a very accurate and effective formula. All my students know this formula.

One of my students applied this formula for her client. Her client found a partner in a very short time.

This is the first time I have made this formula public.

The data used in this formula are the stem of the Day Master (date of birth of the person). In Bazi or Four Pillars of Destiny, the Day Stem is the person themselves. The Branch is the Spouse Palace.

The principal of the formula is to create a spouse element for the Day Stem using Nà jiǎ納甲 method.  I have done the calculation for you as below in the table as the steps of calculation are complicated.

The Nà jiǎ納甲 table:

From the table above we can see the relation in Early Heaven Bagua Yin-Yang relationship.

Dui pairs with Gen.  Qian pairs with Kun.

Li pairs with Kan, Xun pairs with Zhen.

We need to look at the Day Master stem of the Ox lady above. Let’s say she was born on the Yang Wood (甲) day.  So Yang Wood (甲) is Nà jiǎ納甲 Qian.

Qian pairs with Kun.

So Kun sector is the spouse (perfect pair) Gua to the Qian Gua.

We know that the Monkey sector is within the Kun Gua. So the Kun Gua is perfect to be activated.

Lastly, If none of the favourable sectors to be found after applying all the above formulas, then she is destined to be alone. Or you may suggest she should move house.

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