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Selecting the Right Employee using Face Reading

by Master Jenny Ng

In Ancient China, Face Reading techniques have long been utilized as a tool to select candidates for imperial positions. Back in those times, birth data was not easily available and hence the importance of Face Reading techniques arose as a recruitment and selection tool.

One may argue that in our era we have access to personality tests as a tool to measure a person’s suitability for the right career fit. However, one cannot deny that test results can be ‘anticipated’ and candidates can even ‘cheat’ in their answers. To customize each test a company would need to set aside a certain amount of their HR budget; while off the shelf personality tests (though not as costly), may not be a 100% fit for the usage of the company.

Face reading on the other hand can be done subtly and there is no way that a candidate can cheat! Once the right techniques have been mastered, Face Reading just comes naturally and is a skill that you will bring with you wherever you go.

Here are some tips on how to identify the right kind of employees:

  • Face Shape

If you are looking for staff to be in jobs that require a lot of planning, design and creativity, look for someone with an inverted triangular shape face. Such individuals are thought type people who are thinkers and can come up with excellent ideas.

However, if you are looking for someone who can plan and execute at the same time, look for a square shaped face. When a person’s jaw bones can be seen from the front view of the face, this indicates a person who can take hardship and will not hesitate to roll down their sleeves to get things down.

A round shaped face person is good for jobs that require public relations work and entertaining clients.

  • Eyes & Eyebrows

In face reading, luster from a person’s eyes is the most crucial aspect to examine. The eyeball and eye white should be clear and sharp. A person whose eyes have luster are determined, know what they want in life and hence are good decision makers.

For example, individuals with big eyes are more emotional and more expressive; hence such individuals are suitable to be in sales or occupations that involve interaction with people. Individuals with small eyes are better at work that involves planning and can be trusted to keep secrets.

When we observe a person’s eyes, we should also look at their eyebrows and eyebrow ridge. A person with neat eyebrows indicates again that the person is focused in thoughts and can achieve more in life. With the brow ridge protruding, you are looking at someone who is sociable, enjoys meeting people and has good observation skills. Hence such individuals are again good for sales or PR related jobs. A sunken eyebrow ridge indicates a person who has less confidence and if the eyebrow is messy, such individuals lack direction in life as they tend to get confused easily.

  • Nose

There is a saying in face reading that ‘when one has a fleshy nose tip, their heart is not malicious’. The nose tells of a person’s character and most importantly, their wealth gathering ability. A person with a big and long nose tells of a character that has strong integrity and such individuals are also more independent.

If the mountain root is also high, such individuals usually have a high level of self-respect and confidence and may find it difficult to accept criticism from others. A crooked nose person indicates a crafty person who is capable of deceiving others. Look around you and you will realize that most successful entrepreneurs have good-looking noses with fleshy nose tips and wings. Hence look for someone with a well-developed nose.

  • Mouth & Teeth

When we examine a mouth, we should also look at the border of the lips. The border of the lips should be well defined with no scars and such individuals can command respect from others with their speech; provided their teeth are also neat.

A person with scars on their lips indicates that the person may unknowingly offend others through their speech or expression without even realizing. A person with a bigger mouth is more open minded and generous, while a smaller mouth belongs to someone who is more conservative. If you can see a person’s gums when they smile then you are looking at someone who will unknowingly disclose their secrets when they are talking to others.

When we look at the teeth, we need to examine most importantly, the two front teeth and they should be neat with no gaps in between. A person’s teeth also tell of the reliability of their speech, hence it is important that one’s teeth are neat and regular. If you realize, most talkative people have teeth that are not regular. Both the mouth and teeth should be examined together for more accuracy.

These are just some of the tips on how to select the right employee using Face Reading techniques. There is just so much more to Face Reading that can help HR professionals in their recruitment and selection decisions. This is a skill that will never get out dated and I promise you that looking at people will never be the same again once you master the techniques.

Good luck and have fun!

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