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Front Door and Stairs

by Dr Jin Peh

For those living in apartments, having a front door directly opposite the common stairs of a building will create problems. Should the front door of a unit open to a pair of descending staircases, the occupants will have financial problems. 

When the front door leads directly to stairs that ascend, there is an increased incidence of accidents and mishaps involving the residents. This is related to the sharp energy associated with the stairs directly overwhelming the front door. 

If you live in one of these units, install screens inside your apartment parallel to your front door to shield off the negative energy. If there are space constraints, some feng shui masters suggest using a red rug or mat to control the attacking energy.

For those living in a house, having the stairs lead directly to the front door will result in finances being drained. This is because chi within the house will rush straight out of the front door when it is opened. If possible, redirect the last few steps of the stairs to face away from the front door. If this is not possible, try placing a screen or curtains to block the energy running out. 

Avoid moving into or buying properties where the stairs lead directly to the front door.

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