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Feng Shui House Blessings

by Madam Lee

In our regular feature ‘Ask Madam Lee’ we’ll take your most puzzling questions or persistent problems and ask our resident Feng Shui ‘expert’ Madam Lee to advise and guide you.  So if you have any Feng Shui or Chinese Astrology questions email them to us at [email protected] and we’ll publish her response in our next edition.

Hi Madam Lee, I have had a request to perform a ‘Feng Shui house blessing’ (in their words).  I have never been trained in this so am guessing it is a western Feng Shui tradition.  Would you be able to enlighten me?  I can’t see that it would be hard to do and am quite keen to take it on.  I know how to do a space clearing and have Karen Kingston’s chapter on ‘Consecrating a Space’ at my finger –tips. I would welcome your thoughts on this and if it is something that we can be trained in through Classical Feng Shui?   Mrs. L from Townsville, Australia

Blessings of homes, buildings, boats, babies (and if I remember correctly in  the film ‘Fiddler on the Roof’ even a sewing machine) has been taking place for centuries by Priests, Rabbi’s, Holy Men, Shamans and so on; each in their own way. In Feng Shui a traditional Master will ‘open the eyes of Temple Lions’ and use Chi Gong or an energy field they are trained in, to bless a building and its occupants. We also see at Chinese New Year and at the opening of Chinese restaurants or businesses that fire crackers and dragons etc are used to scare away the bad spirits and invite the good ones; which in itself is a blessing.   In the west we are usually trained in Feng Shui either via short courses or over a few years with our chosen teachers, and as such we do not usually receive the foundation or grounding to understand the complexities of such energy and how they can impact on us. Most traditional Masters have been learning, training and deepening their skills and knowledge of Qi since they were quite young.  So what can we do? My Master says to me (as I am not Chinese and the people I see are predominately westerners) that I am to use Feng Shui principles in a manner  that befits their beliefs, principles and home or office décor and choose the right date for them to make their changes which will enable them to be blessed.

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