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Feng Shui Wealth Vase

by Master Jancy Tan

Why create a wealth vase?

Wealth vase were the main means of wealth energy storage by the wealthiest tycoons and people who got rich from using Feng Shui in ancient times, and making the power and wealth stay with the family for centuries after centuries. These wealth vases were credited to bringing continuous wealth and power to families through the days of the Ching Emperors and Communist rulers, allowing their descendants to successfully weather political and economical changes.

Would you like to make a wealth vase to benefit your family? This used to be something only the wealthiest and noblest of families of China were privy to. A long time ago, only the Royal families of China were privy to the knowledge of the power of the Wealth Vase.

Later, it expanded to intellectuals or scholars, who were well versed in the art of the court. And those powerful enough to have court access – the grand nobles, top scholars, the wealthy families and top military generals had access to that knowledge.

Only recently, secrets associated with the creation of a family wealth vase have become available through the teachings of contemporary Taoist and Buddhist masters as the practice has origins in these two major Chinese traditions and religions.

The older or dynastic family homes especially in Xian of Shaanxi Province in China, Beijing, Shanghai or Taiwan might still have magnificently huge wealth vases belonging to the noble families of an era past. These are legacies of wealth that have lasted through many generations. These wealth vases were credited with bringing continuous wealth and power to lineages of families through the days of the Qing Emperors and turmoil of the western semi-control and the aftermath of political unrest and civil wars.

The method used below to build you wealth vase is of a more generic one, and more easily accomplished by anyone. When I say easily, I mean that the “ingredients” or items are very much available to everyone, if you look and take the trouble to ask for them.

Remember, this is your journey and you will need to build that wealth yourself. You will need to take the steps required to achieve everything asked of you, to build your wealth vase. Finding and asking money or earth from a very wealthy person has always been the most daunting of tasks for most people.

Do it anyway – who knows? He or she might look upon you favourably and offer you mentorship or even a start in your career or business on the right footing. I know it has helped others and me as well.

Steps on how to make a Wealth Vase with powerful secret ingredients.

Multiply your inflow of cash and wealth luck by keeping a beautiful wealth vase in your premises, filled with gold ingots, gemstones, coins and all the other vital ingredients.   To make a wealth vase, you first need to find:

1. A suitable vase, select a bulbous vase with the neck that is smaller than the body of the vase, and there must be a cover.
2. Established a good motivation with powerful desire – i.e. that you are making the vase to ensure that your family will be  able to accumulate assets, will grow progressively more prosperous over the years, and that no members of your family  will be poor and in poverty.
3. Next, you will need to gather all the “ingredients” you want to place inside your vase. Ingredients as stated below.  You may want to select items to represent wealth, health, happiness, success and protection.  Ingredients that will also  represent all the five elements.
4. The first ingredient to be right at the bottom is soil / earth and best if someone wealthy has given this to you. You want
the good chi of a wealthy home inside your vase, creating a firm foundation.
5. Then place the food ingredients so that you will never run out of food (or money to buy food) thus always able to support your family.
6. Next place all the symbols of prosperity. Select as many prosperity symbols as possible as the vase has be filled up right to the top and is advisable not to have so many gaps in between.
7. Then you put in all the secret ingredients i.e. Cash from a wealthy person, pictures of your desired mansion, car, clothes,  whatever wealth signifies to you. Strong currency from different countries, preferably 9 different currencies.
8. Next make sure the God of Wealth is sitting in the center of the vase and note its facing direction by marking it on the  outside of the vase.
9. When your vase is finished you must close it, cover it with five-coloured cotton cloth (to signify the five elements) and  tie it tight with five strings of five colours or add any nice ornaments on the strings or around the vase.  It is also recommended to say a prayer or make wishes before you close your wealth vase.
10. The Wealth Vase is like a valuable safe for your precious things and kept in a similarly secure place deep in your home.  Nothing must impede it or be on top of it.

Keep the vase hidden deep inside your home and facing inwards, never outwards – meaning the God of Wealth has to be facing inward. Here is several recommended area where you place your wealth vase.

1. The bedroom is a good place to keep your wealth vase hidden inside a cupboard.
2. You can also keep your wealth vase hidden deep inside a cabinet at Southeast sector of the premise that represents wealth
3.  In your office or shop to ring in more sales and achieve more monetary gains and successes.
4. The Northwest sector to activate financial support luck for the Patriarch or man of the family for money finding opportunities.
5. Four main corners of the house to ensure wealth and abundance coming from all corners.
6. Implanting them into the ground before moving into a new house.
7. In a special room especially to store the wealth vase only. The room has to be selected in a good area, deep inside your  house and not at the front of the house.
8. Do not open your wealth vase once it is sealed.

One may have one or accumulate more wealth vases at home to represent upward mobility from year to year with more sources  of income.

• God of Wealth (can be any Wealth God that you feel an affinity with) Feng Shui Wealth Vase
• Five Gem Globes to signify wealth from all directions
• Assorted crystal chips to signify wealth from the earth
• Gold bars – contemporary symbols of wealth
• Gold ingot – ancient symbols of wealth
• 3 brass coins tied with red/gold string for current wealth
• 6 silver coins for speculative wealth
• 9 emperor gold coins for wealth under all circumstances
• Lock coin or protection amulet to safeguard your wealth
• Six smooth crystal balls for harmony in the family
• A Ru Yi to signify power & management of the household
• Wu Lou for good health
• Wish-fulfilling jewels to make all your aspirations manifest.
• Dragon Amulet
• Saffron

Secret Ingredients
(Things to Bring from Home)
• Soil given to you and taken from a wealthy man’s home or someone you respect or admire. The soil should be filled up to
1/3 (250ml) of the vase. Do not take the soil without permission.
• Soil from your own home.
• 5 or 9 types of food to signify abundance. Choose food such as rice grains (or 5 / 9 different grains), spices, beans, etc.
to select dry uncooked food (such as green beans, barley, soya beans, black beans, red beans, saffron, etc).
5 gram of each food is needed.
• Cash given to you by a rich man or woman or in exchanged for loose change from the wealthy person.
• Picture of mansions/cars/clothes – whatever wealth signifies to you
• Money – choose 9 different currencies from countries with strong currency.
• Your own prayer / mantra or wishes written down on a paper and rolled up.
• Your jewelry – this is optional.

More Enhancers (Optional)
• Faux diamonds
• I-ching coins to pacify all obstacles
• Bejewelled apple
• Faceted Point Crystal
• Jade Mystic Knot
• Dzi Bead
• Victory Banner with Mystic Knot and Evil Eye
• 6 Big Smooth Coins
• Wealth Crane Amulet
• Chi Lin Amulet
• Protection Amulet
• Wish Granting Mandala Amulet
• Wealth and Success Amulet
• Wind Horse Victory Amulet
• 5 Element Keychain
• Crystal Globe
• Dragon Coin
• Jade Ingot
• Faceted Crystal Balls
• Red Crystal Heart
• Abacus
• 5 Element Crystal Balls
• Crystal Heart
• 5 element crystals, stones for opportunities

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• Making it in a Feng Shui shop that has good positive energy.
• Always try to make it when there are a lot of people around for good “Qi” energy.
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