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George Michael Chinese Astrology

by Dr Jin Peh

George Michael (born June 25, 1963, 0600 hours, died December 25, 2016)

There is a Partial Three Harmony Wood Combination present in Michael’s chart. His Pig Day Branch combines with his Rabbit Year and Hour Branches to form Wood. There are no other Branch Combinations present in his chart.   The most prominent element is Wood. As he is a Yin Earth Day Master, Wood represents his Power element. Michael has a Follow the Power (Wood) chart. His favorable elements are:

  1. Wood, the Power element is his most favorable element.
  2. Water, the Wealth element supports his Power element Wood.
  3. Fire, while the Resource element controls his negative element Metal, it also strengthens his Earth Rivals.
  4. Earth, the Self element represents his Rivals.
  5. Metal, the Output element attacks his most favorable element Wood.

Note that there is a Stem Combination between his Yang Earth Month Stem and Yin Water Year Stem. This does not result in a Transformation chart as the Stem Combination does not involve the Day Master.

Michael is also born on a day when Daylight Savings Time was observed in the United Kingdom. However, even with the adjustment made, he will be born at 0500 hours, which is still the Yin Fire Rabbit hour.

Hour Day Month Year

Yin Fire

Yin Earth

Yang Earth

Yin Water






4 14 24 34 44











巳 Snake






Hour Day Month Year

Yin Metal

Yang Metal

Yang Fire





He first attained success with his musical group Wham! formed with Andrew Ridgeley in 1983 (Yin Water Pig year) during the Dragon Luck Cycle (age 19 to 23). Their debut album Fantastic topped the UK album charts and contained four top 10 singles such as Wham Rap! (Enjoy What You Do), Bad Boys and Club Tropicana. Both his favorable elements Water and Wood were present that year. The Annual Pig combined with the Pig Day Branch and the Rabbit Year Branch in Michael’s birth chart to produce the most favorable element Wood.

Michael’s success continued in 1984 (Yang Wood Rat year). The Yang Wood that year formed a Stem Combination with his Yin Earth Day Master. For men, the Power element combining with the Day Master indicates professional recognition. The Rat that year also combined with the Dragon Luck Cycle to form his second favorable element Water. Michael scored Number 1 hits with Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go and Freedom as Wham! and also his first Number 1 as a solo artist, Careless Whisper. They were all found in their second Number 1 album Make It Big, released that same year. Wham! also released the classic Last Christmas, which reached Number 2.

In 1986 (Yang Fire Tiger year), the negative element Fire was formed when the Annual Tiger combined with the Horse Month Branch. Michael announced the breakup of Wham! as they played their last concert at Wembley Stadium.

In the favorable Yin Wood Luck Cycle (age 24 to 28), Michael released his debut album Faith in 1987 (Yin Fire Rabbit year). The Annual Rabbit combined with the Rabbit Year Branch and Pig Day Branch in his birth chart to reinforce the favorable element Wood. Faith sold more than 25 million copies worldwide and contained four US Number 1 hits including the Father Figure, One More Try, Monkey and the title track.

In 1990 (Yang Metal Horse year), Michael released his second solo album Listen Without Prejudice Vol. 1. The negative elements Metal and Fire were present that year. He told his record company Sony that he did not want to promote it in the same way he had promoted Faith, sowing the seeds for the legal battle between him and the record company. He also did not appear in any of the videos for the singles from this album.

In 1995 (Yin Wood Pig year) during the Rabbit Luck Cycle (age 29 to 33), Michael’s legal case with Sony was finally resolved when his contract was sold to rivals Virgin Records and Dreamworks Records. The Annual Pig reinforced the favourable element Wood by combining with the Pig Day Branch and Rabbit Year Branch in his birth chart. In 1996 (Yang Fire Rat year), he released his third solo album Older, with the two UK number 1 hits Jesus to a Child and Fast Love.

The Tiger Luck Cycle (age 39 to 43) was problematic for Michael as the Tiger combined with his Horse Month Branch to form his negative element Fire. In 2006 (Yang Fire Dog year), he was arrested for possession of class C drugs and accused of engaging in anonymous public sex at London’s Hampstead Heath. The Annual Dog combined with the Tiger Luck Cycle and the Horse Month Branch to reinforce the negative Fire element.

Michael made another comeback in the favorable Yin Water Luck Cycle (age 44 to 48). In 2008 (Yang Earth Rat year), the Annual Yang Earth formed a Stem Combination with the Yin Water Luck Cycle, thereby negating its effect. The favorable element Water was also present in the Rat. He staged a series of successful concerts for his 25 Live Tour, including his first concerts in 17 years in North America.

Michel was found dead by his partner Fadi Fawaz on Christmas day, 2016 (Yang Fire Monkey year) during the Ox Luck Cycle (age 49 to 53). On the day he died, the negative element Metal was present. The Snake present on that day combined with the Ox Luck Cycle to reinforce his negative element Metal. It was also a Yin Metal Day during a Yang Metal month. Emergency services were called during the Sheep hour (around 1330 hours), so Michael could have died during the Yin Metal Snake hour or the Yang Wood Horse hour. Both hours contained his negative elements Metal and Fire. While his favorable element Water was present that day, it was not able to protect him from the negative elements of Metal.

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