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What is a Nobleman Star?

by Madam Lee

In our regular feature ‘Ask Madam Lee’ we’ll take your most puzzling questions or persistent problems and ask our resident Feng Shui ‘expert’ Madam Lee to advise and guide you.  So if you have any Feng Shui or Chinese Astrology questions email them to us at [email protected] and we’ll publish her response in our next edition.

Dear Madam Lee, what is a Nobleman Star and how does it affect me in this Year of the Goat?  – Frank G from Germany

My Grand Master Liu taught us that Tian Yi Kwei Lun is the Number 9 God, which I believe in the IV Pillars of Destiny or Bazi system is a beneficial influence called the Nobleman Star.    For those people who are born with their Day Master either being Yang Metal (庚), Yang Earth (戊) or Yang Wood (甲), the Goat (未) is a Nobleman Star for them.    This means that they are more likely to turn an adverse situation into a favorable one this year, receive assistance from a benefactor or enjoy the support of helpful people around them.

If they also have a Nobleman Star such as the Goat (未) in their Birth Chart then this not only means they are intelligent and analytical, but it can also bring the opportunity during their lifetime to accrue knowledge, rise to a high position in their profession and experience good health and well-being.   However if you don’t have the Goat (未) in your Birth Chart, then don’t worry too much as you should still be able to make the most of your opportunities this year.

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